David’s Shocking Reveal on ‘Braxton Family Values’

Tamar Braxton

Getty Tamar Braxton recently made headlines after getting into a heated exchange with a woman on Instagram who said hello to her boyfriend David Adefeso.

Tamar Braxton runs into drama on tonight’s episode of Braxton Family Values. The couple reportedly hit a snag in Napa, when a shocking story reveals her boyfriend David’s true colors. The tension leads Tamar to feel slighted, and her birthday dinner takes a wild left turn. Read on to learn more about Tamar and her strained relationship with David Adefeso.

The couple have been dealt several tumultuous hands since making their relationship public. There was some uncertainty when David asked Tamar to meet his mother, as she felt taken by the request. More recently, Tamar called out an Instagram user for hitting on David online. The latter has taken his exposure on Braxton Family Values and parlayed it into an active social media life. He shared a photo of himself with a caption that talked about his need to rest after having a busy couple of days. In response, a woman commented, “Hey u,” below the post.

David & Tamar Experience Some Tension During Tonight’s Episode

Tamar wasn’t having any such banter, and fired back, “Hey boo! I’m Tamar from Baltimore,” she responded. “This is my boyfriend David…so correction sis…hey Ya’ll [sic].” After her caption went viral, the reality star left a second message explaining her stance. “How about everybody calm TF down!!!,” she wrote. “I was joking!!! I can have any man I want to, time and place that I choose to, but I think u [sic] know that I would rather be here with you.” Tamar and David started dating in 2018, though they didn’t make their relationship official for some time. The former hinted at her love life during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, telling the host, “I met him at a friend’s birthday party. Thank you God! He’s so fine.”

On May 28, Tamar posted a lengthy tribute post to David on Instagram. “The fact that I once thought that love was a feeling. The fact is every thing about that word is an action,” she wrote in the caption. “To be patient and kind and giving, respectful, Honest, mature, nurturing, protective, present, problem solving ,a provider, Saved, Positive, considerate, all about family, is EVERYTHING that u are LOVE.. you won’t let me run and hide Nor have a tantrum without communicating and facing ANY situation! Thank you for showing me that it’s not just about FEELINGS!! It’s DOING!”

Tamar Recently Criticized a Fan Who Flirted With David on Instagram

David responded to the post, telling Tamar that he’s grateful for her love. “My love you complete me. Before u I was lost in the wilderness, thirsty and searching for that thing I’d heard existed but remained all too elusive,” he wrote. “With every turn of the calendar I settled into the realization that I would be one of those unlucky few who never got to experience the true joy of experiencing life through the eyes someone who makes every sunset more colorful, every bird’s chirp more beautiful and every glance more meaningful.”

“Until that fateful day in the summer, I never imagined what love really felt like,” he added. “You have strengthened me; you have loved me; you have brought me closer to my God; you complete me. I love you; you love me; together forever! Your Dave.”