‘The 100’ Season 6 Episode 5: Live Recap & Review for ‘The Gospel of Josephine’

The 100: The Gospel of Josephine Review Season 6 Episode 5

The CW The 100: The Gospel of Josephine Review Season 6 Episode 5

This is a live review and recap of The 100 Season 6 Episode 5: The Gospel of Josephine, written while the show was airing so the reactions are immediate and authentic. This article will have major spoilers for Season 6 Episode 5, including a detailed recap.

After seeing how Episode 4 ended, I’ve been intrigued about what they will be doing with Clarke. That’s what inspired me to write a live review and recap for this latest episode. Clarke’s been taken over by the Josephine chip. I’m betting that the Flame in Madi will somehow help restore Clarke. Either that or the fact that Clarke had the Flame in her own head at one point will somehow help her be immune to the chip’s effects.

Jason Rothenberg has been really building up this episode. He says that Eliza Taylor’s portrayal is Emmy worthy.

Meanwhile, it appears that a version of Becca’s chip is helping the original Eligius team survive. I’m guessing that Becca created this so they could keep their technical knowledge and help their team’s descendants survive. Forgive me if I get some names wrong while writing this live review – it’s tough to keep track of all the Prime characters even though I’ve studied their names before! If you have the same problem, there’s a handy guide to all of them in a story here.

The episode begins with Russell telling Kaylee Prime that although her family’s bodies were killed, the chips are still intact.

That’s when we see Clarke as Josephine. Kaylee says she was protecting Sanctum from Jo, but Jo kills Kaylee in response. “Now we’re even,” she says, in a very Wanheda-meets-Josephine-but-is-crazy kind of way. That was QUITE the intro to Josephine.

By the way, I absolutely love the new intro. They do a phenomenal job every season.

After the intro, we see Jo dancing in her room, happy to be back in a body and living again. She’s SO different from Clarke – happy, carefree, singing… These are sides of Clarke we never saw.

Russell and Simone greet her, happy that she’s alive. Jo says that Kaylee’s family ran because they realized they’d learn what they did to Jo. And now Jo has to figure out how many people from Earth are hosts. “In the six years I was on Ice, not one single host was born… If you had just let me run the breeding program…”

Interesting. Breeding program?

“Did this Ferrari I’m wearing consent to giving up her body?” Great question, but Simone is NOT happy with it.

“These people are dangerous, Josie. If they find out who killed Clarke, they’ll burn this world down, just like their last one.”

Eliza is doing an AMAZING job playing a different character. So far I am very impressed.

“What we are is spectacular,” Josie says when Russell tells her that they won’t understand. But he says they’ll run. Little does he know, they have a lot of experience with Becca’s chips.

Jordan gives flowers to Delilah/Priyah, testing her memory, and she fails. So Jordan knows that something went really wrong and Delilah is just not the same anymore.

That’s when Jo shows up, ready to pretend to be Clarke. This should be interesting.

Her first error is letting Maddi go to school, which Gaia is NOT happy about. “Primes insisted,” Jo says. So far not so good for Jo.

Bellamy notices that Clarke is happy and wants to know if it’s because of the doctor. (Hey, they are obviously friends now and he’s fully committed to Echo – not jealous of her new love interest at all. That’s a strike for Bellarke fans.)

Jordan wants to know what happened to Delilah. “Our little girl became one with the primes,” Delilah’s mom says. “Priyah’s return blessed us all.”

Jordan’s confused, but Gaia insists that they should respect their faith.

Next, we’re back outside the dome. I love the scenery this season. They’ve done a great job of making this feel like a different planet.

Octavia and Diyoza are chasing budget Lincoln and they fall into quicksand. Not a good look on them, and Budget Lincoln gets away. (Honestly, I can’t remember his name, so it’ll be Budget Lincoln for now.)

The setup this season is so fascinating. The Children of Gabriel are a new set of Grounders and Octavia doesn’t fit anywhere again. Her character always has one foot in multiple worlds, and the same holds true here too.

Finally we have Jo-Clarke speaking with Abby. Abby gives her a book called “Oblation By and For Dummies,” telling her that the woman who wrote it is a monster. (Is that Josephine? Mental note: Learn more about this!)

Jo makes the mistake of writing with her wrong hand, but distracts Abby by giving her an idea for a bug she can use that will work instead of dialysis. But Abby’s not going to forget that easily.

Bellamy and Murphy are talking about a map and I see part of it is labeled “temporal anomaly.” Now THAT is fascinating. (Mental note: Learn more about this map and this anomaly!) I love seeing Murphy and Bellamy working together. They’d make a great buddy-cop movie, lol.

Annnd Josephine thinks Murphy is cute haha. That should be interesting.

And now Jordan, Gaia, Murphy, and Bellamy all convene at the sacred place where Clarke was turned into Josephine. They see the mark of the flame on some of the skeletons. “They’re all commanders,” Gaia says about the skeletons, shocked.

I’m loving how Earth’s mythology is mixing with Sanctum’s. And how Jo can’t kill any of them because she doesn’t know who’s a Nightblood.

Becca provided the tech to Eligius III before the apocalypse and before the flame, Bellamy observes, so they’re not Commanders.

We see a video with Gabriel testing the serum. Full consciousness is required, and the prior tests failed because their brains weren’t mature enough. But it’s not the serum they’re focused on. The serum simply paralyzed them so they could insert a chip. Yes, this chip was apparently created before the Flame chip, but both were made by Becca.

Jo wakes up and we see her first awakening, when her boyfriend Gabriel and her dad Russell first woke her up, years after her dad killed her in a rage from the Red Sun eclipse. It took 25 years to finish the tech and wake her in a new body.

“The memory drives, you reverse engineered them to upload our timelines,” new Jo says in the flashback. “That’s brilliant.” Then she looks at her dad. “You look like grandpa,” she says, and he cries with joy. This first-Jo-copy looks SO much like Clarke.

“You’ve conquered death,” Russell tells Gabriel. But something about this must have bugged him, since the Children of Gabriel are trying to stop the Primes now.

“The key is a full developed brain,” Gabriel says. The mind stored in the drive uploads once the mind is fully erased.

Jo says it’s not murder if they go willingly, but Gaia says they were tricked into sacrificing to false gods, since they believe the Primes are gods of some sort. Bellamy insists that they pose a threat to anyone who’s a nightblood, including Clarke and – Gaia adds – Madi.

Yikes. Now Jo knows.

But Murphy is drawn to this tech, noting that they’ve figured out how to live forever and that’s appealing to him.

These mind drives are all part of the same tech, ultimately. The Flame stores all the minds in one chip to be accessed at will. The mind drives replace minds with the minds stored on the drive. And Alie’s City of Light took the minds on the mind drives and allowed them to live in a virtual reality city. These are all part of the same underlying tech, changed and improved over time.

Jo returns to her parents and tell them that they got into the lab and know everything. “They have more (nightbloods)…at least one,” Jo says. Later, Jo learns that they figured out how to make nightbloods based on Becca’s science. So this will change everything.

Priyah tells Jordan that Delilah is happy now. (I’m loving this plot. It’s so intricate and there are so many layers to follow.)

Bellamy and Jo have a moment alone, and Bellamy can’t figure out how they’re on different sides. Bellamy figures out that she’s not Clarke isn’t Clarke, based on not understanding the language he was speaking. (It wasn’t based on a deep understanding of who Clarke is…) So Jo hits him with a paralytic. :(

I know I’ve said this a lot, but I’m very impressed with this episode. They’re doing an amazing job with the layers of plots, and Eliza is amazing as Jo-pretending-to-be-Clarke.

AND THEN THE TEMPORAL ANOMALY HITS. Ok, this is SO fascinating. I love this. The scifi nerd in me is ALL for this plotline. The anomaly engulfs Octavia, and when Diyozsa returns, Octavia is somehow encased in solid ice. She pulls Octavia out (ice is the only reason why it’s realistic that she didn’t die.)

They show Octavia staring at her hand before cutting to a commercial, and I’m not sure what the meaning of that moment is. I really want the temporal anomaly to do something crazy, don’t you?

In the next scene, Abby acknowledges that Clarke solved Kane’s bleeding problem. But it’s a 15-hour procedure and Kane probably only has 10 minutes. :( “I want to save Marcus…because he’s good and true and he deserves to live,” Abby says. “And we don’t… We stood by Bloodreina during the dark years and Marcus was the only one who tried to stop it…”

Annnnd we’re about to get a Jo and Murphy scene. This should be interesting. Oh, Josephine has revealed her true identity to Murphy. Dang, I wasn’t expecting THAT. “Before you freak out and raise your voice, I have a question for you… Clarke is dead, my parents killed her and brought me back. My question is, how would you like to be immortal too?”

And Murphy says, “I’m listening.”

Let’s be real – who wouldn’t be tempted by immortality, at least to some degree? I’m not sure what to expect Murphy’s next move to be. He’s always been about self-preservation, so he might actually help Jo out.


If you’re a Game of Thrones fan you’ll get this: It looks like Three-Eyed Raven is coming to The 100 in the next episode. Now that should be interesting.

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