What Happened on ‘The Bachelorette’ 2019 Premiere Tonight: Live Recap

Jason Tartick The Bachelor 2019

Photo By: ABC - Paul Hebert

Tonight is the season premiere of Hannah B’s season of The Bachelorette, and fans can’t wait for the drama to go down. Tonight, Hannah Brown will be introduced to 30 men, but by the end of the night, she’ll be down to just 22.

Read on for a live recap of the show:

Live Recap

– The episode starts out in Tuscaloosa, with us learning more about our leading lady. Both ABC, and Hannah, make it clear off the bat that she has no idea what she’s doing. But that’s the charm of the season, isn’t it?
– Hannah constantly feels like she’s not living up to a ‘perfect’ image, but is ready to let her guard down to find love
– Katie and Demi show up to give Hannah a pump up
– We get some intro videos of the guys; first up is Tyler C. who is a general contractor and a… dancing fan?
– Luke is big into Crossfit and says girls have always considered him good looking. After a religious awakening in college, however, he became set on marriage and thinks Hannah could be the one
– First out of the limo is Garrett from Birmingham- a golfer who says he wants to be Hannah’s hole-in-one
– Then, we have the fence-jumper, Connor S., an investment analyst
– The next limo arrives, and we meet Devin. He tells Hannah he’s a virgin… then says he’s kidding
– Next is the man of boxes… Joe from Chicago
– Cam shows up and raps for Hannah– dedicated fans may remember that he received the rose on The Bachelor finale last season
– Luke P. is the first one to steal Hannah away; he flirts with Hannah intensely and tells her that as soon as he saw her, he thought she could be his wife. She certainly seems into him.
– Chris brings out the first impression rose and the mood gets intense right away
– Katie and Demi show up again… turns out they’re gonna spy on the guys and get some intel for Hannah
– Jed sings for Hannah, and it melts her heart
– Demi has learned through social media that Scott has a girlfriend; she tells Hannah, who asks to speak to Scott, and calls him out… Scott is pretty much dumbfounded, and the Twittersphere goes wild

– Hannah gives Luke the first impression rose
– The following are eliminated on night one: Brian Bowles, Chasen Coscia, Hunter Jones, Joe Barsano, Matt Donald, Ryan Spirko, Scott Anderson, and Thomas Staton.