MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Contestants: Remaining Cast Members 5/8/2019

MTV 'The Challenge: War of the Worlds': Hunter, Georgia and host TJ Lavin

It’s getting down the nitty-gritty on MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds, we’re at the point in the game for which there are no more lay-ups to choose to compete against on The Killing Floor, and everything is all the more stressful because the finale is so close, the contestants can taste it. So, which competitors are still in it to win the grand prize of $750,000?

During last week’s episode, an injured Kyle was sent home after losing in elimination, which leaves for the men, Wes, Theo, Hunter, Paulie, Turbo, and for the girls, Georgia, Dee, Da’Vonne, Cara Maria, Mattie, and Ninja Natalie. However, tonight is a girl’s elimination, and either Dee or Da’Vonne will be sent packing. It’s hard to count out Da’Vonne when it comes to competing on The Killing Floor, and Dee has proven herself to be an extremely strong fighter. Expect this “Tug-O-War” elimination to receive the approving nod of seeing beast-mode level of competition from host TJ Lavin. Turning it out once more in elimination and proving once again she’s a force to be reckon with: Miss Da’Vonne.

At this point in the season, it’s truly hard to remember all the cast members that were around during the premiere. So many veterans went home surprisingly early like Johnny Bananas, Ashley, Chris “CT” Tamburello, Leroy, Jenna, and Zach, as did new fan favorites like Killah Kam. No one is missing Bear, who wins the title for most obnoxious rookie of the season, and does anyone remember The Bachelorette‘s Chase McNary? No? It will be interesting to see if The Challenge continues to bring in contestants from ABC’s dating show, especially when the new international competitors have proven themselves both worthy and entertaining to watch.

In a shocking turn of events Wednesday night, Paulie turned out to be the only male contestant who couldn’t finish the challenge and much to Cara Maria’s dismay, was immediately sent packing. For the women, neither Mattie or Da’Vonne could complete the obstacle course over the water. But due to her slow pace, it was Da’Vonne that just couldn’t get it done before the finals began.

While we’ve predicted this season’s front-runners and expected champions, anything can happen on War of the Worlds. Lavin could last minute change the rules, bring back recently kicked off competitors to aid in the finale, and a favorite to win could get injured and have to prematurely leave the show. It’s difficult to be completely confident in how this season will exactly come to an end, but it’s a guarantee that the final challenge will be one of the most difficult tests of strength and willpower that viewers of the long-running MTV series has seen in a decade.

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