Why Did Birdman & Toni Braxton Split Up?

Getty Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton and Birdman have ended their longtime relationship. During a recent episode of Braxton Family Values, Toni confirms that she broke up with the Cash Money rapper. “We probably just should have eloped a long time ago,” she revealed. “We would probably still be together.”

Toni told her sister that she may have experienced cold feet when it came time to take the next step in her engagement. “I really don’t know, Trina, I don’t know… just stuff. Maybe I have happiness, and I just don’t know how to be happy yet.” During the teaser for this week’s episode, Toni drops her relationship bombshell on the rest of the Braxton family.

Toni Braxton Said That There Was ‘Trouble In Paradise’ Before the Split

“Maybe I’m not engaged anymore,” she said. When pressed for an explanation, Toni said: “I don’t want to talk about it… A little trouble in paradise. Just because you’re on the beach doesn’t mean you’re in paradise, I’ve learned.” In a separate interview in front of the camera, Toni explained her stance on the break up. “Things are always very different in public vs. private life. Things are always under a magnifying glass,” she said. “So when I’m ready to share things, I will. But now’s not the right time.”

Toni and Birdman announced their engagement in February 2018, but rumors about their breakup have persisted ever since. In January 2019, Birdman posted a mysterious message on his Instagram Story that read: “It’s over.” Toni shared a similar Instagram post, writing: “Starting a new chapter isn’t always an easy choice… but always choose to be chosen.” The latter denied these rumors as recently as April 2, however.

Toni’s Sisters Towanda & Trina Were Shocked By the Announcement

“We don’t know what happened,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “It just kind of [came out of nowhere]. Someone said it and we were like, ‘OK, we’ll just ride with it because it’ll give us some privacy. So that’s good. But we’re good.”

Toni’s sisters have weighed in on her relationship, admitting that they know just as little as the Braxton Family Values audience. “Toni has been so secretive about her relationship, and she is now letting the cat out of the bag? And it’s not exactly good news,” Trina said during a recent episode. “You know what? I’m not going to push the issue right now. I know what it feels like to just need time to yourself to process your personal issues.”

“It’s like a Tootsie Roll Pop, you never know how many licks it takes to get to the middle,” Towanda added. “The world may never know. So we may never know. I’m just like, ‘Listen, if you’re going to do it, just call me right before you say ‘I do’ and I will show up.”

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