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Hell hath no fury like angry BTS fans, and Australian comedian Alex Williamson, 30, is learning that even having second hand involvement with something seemingly tearing apart their beloved K-pop group will land him in hot water.

After 20 to One, an Australian TV news show aired a segment that made a parody video about BTS, the band’s army of fans accused the series of being “racist” and “homophobic” toward the group. The show’s hosts Erin Molan and Dave Thornton called BTS “biggest band you’ve never heard of” and “the South Korean One Direction.”

Guest comedian Jimmy Carr added “When I first heard something exploded in Korea, I got worried. So, I guess it could’ve been worse… but not much worse.” Molan added “they’re the first Korean act to have a No. 1 in America, which is made even more impressive because only one band member speaks English.”

Now, Williamson was not featured on the segment, but tweeted out in support of the pop-culture show saying, “Shut the f**k up c*** it ain’t racist they just don’t give a f**k about boy bands who are designed solely to extract $ from the hip pocket of 14yo’s. I’ll always revel in the genuine talents of South Korean professors such as Cheon Jinwoo. F*** these c***z.”

Here’s what you need to know about Alex Williamson…..

1. He’s Been a Crude Comedian For 12 Years

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Who smoked it best? ?

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While a lot of Americans haven’t heard of Alex Williamson, he’s an extremely well known comedian and prankster in Australia. Born in Adelaide to parents Paul and Sharon. At 18, he was state finalist in Triple J’s Raw Comedy Award competition, but it was while studying at Tatachilla Lutheran College that his interest in video making and media was piqued. Alex started publishing his own boundary-pushing, off-color comedy videos on You Tube.

According to his website on Frontier, he had a full set of sold out shows during the 2018 Aussie festival season, performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, and recently completed a 36 date tour around Greater Australia. He describes his new act, entitled “Sin on My Face” as a way to “wholeheartedly embrace his inner sick f***.”

Overall, he’s an absolutely crude comedian who enjoys making offensive comedy The 30-year-old calls himself on You Tube “the Loosest Aussie Bloke,” and his stand-up routine largely circles around rape, misogyny, killing the elderly, pedophilia and masturbation. There is little redeeming, or intellectual qualities in his humor.

2. Alex is Huge on Social Media

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True meaning of courage #Anzacday #lestweforget

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Williamson has nearly half a million follows in Instagram in which he shares his comedic videos and humorous pictures. He keeps his content pretty simple, most videos are of his face merely speaking straight to camera.

Worst Thing in AustraliaIt's the Cowdownie Fair. BE THERE. Alex Williamson , Jim Jefferies , Greg Fleet , Daniel Vieceli, Lucy Lehmann, Simon Newenham & Vincent James Daniell VOICED by Jack Ellis (insty: jackellis8) GUITAR by Tim Bone FACEBOOK: alexwilliamsoncomedy@gmail.com2013-07-15T04:18:51.000Z

With his You Tube channel, he gets much more involved in crafting video content. Going by the moniker Shooter Williamson, he has 617K subscribers watching his relationship comedy shorts, pranks, and parody videos.

As for his controversial, cringe-worthy jokes, “It doesn’t necessarily get you thinking,” he admits. “It just makes you laugh and you feel bad for laughing. Then you see everyone is laughing, and you don’t feel bad.”

Even though Alex sometimes makes fun of social media, he also credits it for being a key part in his success. He told Scenstr, “Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have been given a chance to do anything but here, now, in this time, with these doors I’m able to open on the internet, I’m able to build a following of like-minded sickos!”

4. BTS Fans Want Him Cancelled, Even Though He Wasn’t on ’20 to One’

Within hours of Williamson tossing his support to the comedic pop culture show 20 to One, BTS fans had #FireAlexWilliamson trending on Twitter, and the battle between the K-pop boy band fans and the comedian lit up. Williamson responded by saying, “Read my tweets deads***, successful Asian men & women doing something genuinely important in the field of science & medicine impress me, and people of all cultures for that matter. Just obviously not boybands. You c***s only get a rise out of them due to your lack of education.”

Williamson then jokingly declined becoming the 8th member of BTS, and described the band as having “generic vocals.”

The tweets from BTS fans in response are already numbering in the hundreds of thousands and continue to grow by the minute. The BTS Army is also gaining support from other dedicated fan bases in their ire against Alex. Their issues with Alex do not merely stem from him supporting 20 to One, but the fact that he continuously promotes misogynistic and racist humor online.

5. Alex Appears to Be a Single Man

While Alex is constantly posting videos of himself online and is very outspoken on social media, when it comes to his personal dating life, he’s completely mum. While there are beautiful women sometimes featured in his comedy bits, there’s no mention of a girlfriend or partner in his life.

In a 2018 interview with Music Feeds, he said that he still lived with his parents. Whether or not that’s actually true, we’re unsure. “My parents are well-spoken doctors, they shake their heads at me,” Williamson told the Gladstone Observer. “They don’t know where they went wrong.”

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