The Amazing Race Winner 2019: Who Won Season 31 Tonight?

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The Amazing Race 31 is over, and Colin Guinn & Christie Woods are the winners! The team was able to recover from a large deficit in the opener to win the grand prize of $1 million and send everybody else packing. For a recap of the finale, as well as spoilers, read on below:

9:00 – The remaining teams are, in order of their finish on leg 10: Colin Guinn & Christie Woods, Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl, Leo Temory & Jamal Zadran, and Nicole Franzel & Victor Arroyo. Colin and Christie are the first to discover they’re heading to London!

9:10  – Victor is still holding a grudge against Leo & Jamal because they U-Turned him on the last leg. He’s hoping to send the duo home on what would be their third time failing the 11th leg of The Amazing Race.

9:20 – The teams have arrived in London and are sprinting for the taxis. Leo and Jamal get the jump on everybody and are out in first place as the leg begins. Leo is taking on the first task, which is having to decipher encrypted messages and type it up on a vintage typewriter to find their next clue. Christie, Victor and Korey are taking the task for their respective teams. Leo solves it first, while Korey and Christie work together in the hopes that Victor will fall behind.

9:30 – Leo & Jamal are the first to open their next clue, and they promptly board a helicopter to London. Elsewhere, Victor manages to figure out the code before Korey and Christie, and Korey panics, choosing to throw Christie under the bus and go with Victor. This puts Colin & Christie in last place so far.

9:35 – Leo & Jamal discover that the next challenge will see them memorize a cab route, one turn at a time time, or they’ll have to learn to row and finish a 200-meter stretch in under one minute. We cut back to Christie, who finally finishes as Colin tries to keep her calm. Leo tries to row but he too panics, and decides to take the other challenge. The other teams all decide to row.

9:40 – Victor & Nicole have trouble stabilizing their boat, and eventually tip over. Tyler & Korey fare a bit bitter, but they too are struggling to get comfortable. Colin & Christie catch up and decide to take the rowing challenge as well. Given that Victor & Nicole are struggling so mightily, Colin & Christie pass them up and get back in the game.

9:50 – Tensions are high. Tyler & Korey continue to wobble as they can’t stabilize the boat. Victor & Nicole follow suit and throw in the towel. Colin & Christie are still catching up. We then cut back to Leo & Jamal, who are struggling mightily with memorizing all the routes. They manage to scrape by and finish the challenge, and are the first to the Pit Stop. Tyler & Korey are the next to finish, meaning that last place with either fall to Colin & Christie or Nicole & Victor.

10:00 – Colin & Christie complete the rowing challenge and Victor & Nicole for third place. The latter are forced to complete the taxi challenge instead, and are rapidly falling behind everyone else. Meanwhile, Leo & Jamal finish the challenge given to them by host Phil Keoghan, and finish leg 11 in first place! Tyler & Korey finish in second and they decide to help Colin & Christie at the Pit Stop. They finish third, meaning that Victor & Nicole are eliminated.

10:20 – The final three will now head back to the United States. After they land in Michigan, they must find the Spirit of Detroit, which is the location of their next clue. Once again, Leo & Jamal are the first to reach the Road Block. Leo takes the Road Block for his team and he’s joined by Tyler and Colin. Leo is the first to attempt to solve the challenge, but Colin is the first to succeed, and he and Christy head to a Fowling challenge.

10:30 – Tyler & Korey manage to solve the challenge and get to a taxi before Colin & Christie, therefore taking the lead. Colin & Christie finally track down a cab, but Tyler & Korey get to the Fowling challenge in first place. Back at the challenge, Jamal is frustrated that the other teams left and Leo is still struggling. Tyler & Korey finish the Fowling challenge in first place and get their next clue. They’ll have to master a production of five two-tone vinyl records. Colin & Christie are hot on their heels, while Leo continues to struggle.

10:45 – Leo finally figures out his mistake and moves on. They have a lot of ground to cover. They’re finally moving on and a full challenge behind the other two teams. Colin & Christie manage to take first place, with Tyler & Korey following shortly after. Colin & Christie find their next clue and they have to assemble a five-piece drum kit from scratch for their next clue.

10:59 – Despite being surrounded by noise, and Colin being overrun with stress, Christie manages to calm him down and they assemble the drum kit and head towards the finish line. They finish in first place, followed shortly by Tyler & Korey are close behind. They are the winners of The Amazing Race season 31!

Learn more about the couple by clicking the link below:

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