Amber Portwood Feud With Jenelle Evans

Amber Portwood, Jenelle Evans

Getty Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans had a public, heated argument back in January over a tweet Portwood posted about Evans' husband.

Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans got into a heated argument on social media earlier this year after Portwood targeted Evans’ husband David Eason on social media, calling him a “disgusting clown” a “punk” and a “p–sy,” among other things. Portwood’s outburst came amid a 911 call made by Evans, who accused Eason of attacking her during a drunken argument and almost breaking her collarbone.

“I swear I can’t say names because that’s just me and I don’t want to disrespect anyone. But there’s a certain ‘man’ that needs a couple interventions from some good friends lol. You disgusting clown. I can’t say anymore but I’m so heated. I’ll give you attention…. #tryme #Clown,” Portwood wrote on Twitter.

After Portwood publicly called Eason out for allegedly attacking his wife, she posted an 18-minute long Instagram Live video in January, in which she continued to call Eason out as an abusive, cowardly loser. You can watch the entire video here.

“You’re a bitch, you’re a punk and you’re a p–sy,” Portwood told Eason in the video. Evans quickly responded, posting a video of her own, telling Portwood to mind her own business and to quit harassing her family. Evans defended her husband in the video (which you can watch below), and told Portwood to focus on her own family.

Jenelle Eason- Evans goes on a rant after her drunken weekend with her mother.2019-01-21T22:30:29Z

“You had to go talk s–t about my husband,” she says in the video above. “That’s some s–tty s–t. We don’t talk about how your husband’s always touching your child in your episodes not you, but I don’t say that s–t,” Evans said. “I could say a lot more but I’m not on here to talk s–t. I’m on here to tell you, Amber, to shut the f–k up about my family. Leave them alone.”

Portwood immediately responded to Evans’ video, jumping back on Instagram and posting a 10-minute long rant about how Evans and Eason wouldn’t have a career in reality television if it wasn’t for her and threatening to “bust [Evans’] ass” the next time she sees her.

“I don’t give a f–k, you can get your f–king ass beat by what’s his face,” she shouts into the camera. “I’m not that mother–ker, I’ll beat your f–king ass! Don’t f–k with me.” You can watch the entire video below, but be warned – the video contains a lot of bad language.

Amber Portwood completely loses it on Jenelle Evans!! A MUST SEE!!Amber Portwood has had enough and has no problem expressing her feelings about Jenelle Eason. Who's team are you on? Leave a comment below 👇 and don't forget to subscribe!2019-01-21T23:20:16Z

Portwood explained why she lost her temper so badly during a recent appearance on Kailyn Lowry’s podcast series, Coffee Convos. 

“This showed up on my Twitter feed and I couldn’t ignore it. I couldn’t ignore a 911 phone call…I’m going to listen to that because I actually care,” Portwood said on the podcast. Although Portwood ended up taking aim at Evans in her second video, she told host Lowry that she didn’t initially mean to come off the way she did. She said she was simply acting out of a place of concern and of worry, according to the Inquisitr.

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