Who Gets Sent Home on ‘Dance Moms’ Tonight? 6/25

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Getty Dance Moms: Resurrection will premiere this summer on June 4 after an extended hiatus while Abby Lee Miller served a prison sentence and battled cancer.

Dance Moms continues tonight on Lifetime. Abby Lee Miller has the team on edge, as she announced that she would be sending one of the members home. She claimed it was a necessary move to motivate the rest of the team. With that said, who gets sent home? Which dancer gets eliminated? Be warned that this post contains MAJOR SPOILERS for tonight’s episode.

Abby chooses to send Brady Farrar home. During the episode, she said that she’s unhappy with the way the team has been acting, and that it is unhealthy for all of them to be envious of Brady. “We have an entire group of women who are jealous of a 14-year-old boy,” she exclaims. “I will not stand for the jealously, I’ve watched it before. I was part of it. All I wanted was the win. So the same kid was in the front, the same kid was in the middle, and we won and we won and we won.”

Brady Gets Sent Home During Tonight’s Episode of ‘Dance Moms’

Abby goes on to say that she won’t stand for a team that is weaker than the sum of its parts. “I want a team. Each and every member of the team has to pull their weight,” she explained. She then makes a shocking judgement call. “Brady you are the best dancer on this team, but I’m not gonna put all my eggs in one basket,” she reasoned. “So regardless of the talent, Brady is going on a break. It might be a little break or it might be a really long break.”

Brady puts his hands over his mouth in shock, and his mother asks what a “break” means. Abby responds, “He’s going home.” Brady is not the only one in shock, as the other dancers and their mothers are visibly surprised. “Each and every one of you girls are going to learn what it’s like to carry the routine yourselves,” Abby continued. “They’re never gonna be a team as long as they’re relying on [Brady].”

Abby Says That Brady’s Talent Is Keeping the Other Team Members from Thriving

Brady’s mother gets angry, and begins mocking Abby’s decision. “This is ridiculous. He does a good job and we’re going home, makes a lot of sense,” she murmurs, before turning her attention to the other moms. “Do you think he has all the advantages now, guys? Because, remember two minutes ago, you said that Brady was the only person who wasn’t gonna be able to go home!”

Brady’s mom blames Lilliana’s mom for being the instigator in the elimination. “I think it’s Stacey’s fault that now you’re getting ready to be sent home and I don’t think that’s fair,” she remarked. “It’s not the world according to Stacey, it’s not her book.” The two get into an argument before Abby quiets them down and says that her decision is final.

During a confessional interview, Stacey admits that she’s happy to see Brady go. She feels that Brady was hogging Abby’s attention, and that with him out of the picture, Abby will be able to focus on the rest of the team and see how talented each of them are. “With Brady out of the running, they’re gonna get more attention,” she points out.

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