Did Dan Jenkins Die on ‘Yellowstone’?


If you’re like me, then there’s one part of the Yellowstone Season 2 premiere that likely confused you. Didn’t Dan Jenkins die in the Yellowstone Season 1 finale? Read on for more details. This post will have spoilers for the Season 2 premiere. 

It really looked like  Kayce and Rip killed Dan Jenkins in the Yellowstone Season 1 finale. After he confessed to increasing property taxes and doing other shenanigans to get people to leave the land, he told them that John Dutton was going to have to sell his property or just lose it outright to the scheme that Jenkins was working on with Rainwater. Jenkins was on a horse with a noose tied around his neck, and Kayce slapped the horse and it ran out from under Jenkins, leaving Jenkins hanging.

I was convinced that Kayce and Rip had straight up murdered Jenkins, and Kayce had gone completely dark at this point.

But in Season 2, who should appear alive and well without even a rope scar around his neck, but Dan Jenkins! What happened? He even had an intense conversation with John Dutton later in the episode.

They explained what happened in his conversation with John. John didn’t have any patience once Dan started making comments about John’s dead son. So John said, “You should’ve gone to the sheriff, Dan. Cause next time, you won’t get cut down. Cause next time? I’ll do it myself.”

So despite leaving us thinking that Dan died in the finale of Season 1, someone cut Dan down after the scene ended. From the look on Rip’s face during the scene where the hanged Jenkins, I’m going to guess that it was Rip who cut Jenkins down. He appeared unsure about Kayce’s actions at the moment.

It seems like it’s going to take a lot more than almost dying to make Dan Jenkins back off from the Dutton family. I’m surprised their actions didn’t cause him to pause even a little bit.

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