Where Has Dwight (Austin Amelio) Been Since ‘The Walking Dead’?


If you’re watching Fear the Walking Dead tonight on AMC, then at some point you’ll likely be wondering about Dwight’s back story and when we last saw him. (And what has the actor, Austin Amelio, been up to all this time?) Read on for a quick refresher. This post will have spoilers for Season 5 Episode 3 of Fear the Walking and major spoilers for past episodes of The Walking Dead.  

On tonight’s episode of FTWD, we’ll have the second crossover from The Walking Dead since Morgan joined the show. Dwight (played by Austin Amelio) is crossing over to Fear the Walking Dead and his first episode is tonight. But where has he been all this time and when did we last see him?

We haven’t seen Dwight since Season 8 of TWD. If you recall, Dwight was first introduced as trying to help his wife, Sherry, escape the Saviors. Negan punished him for trying to flee and Dwight tried to side with Negan 100 percent. Dwight becomes obsessed with trying to take down Daryl, but ends up killing Denise instead. After Daryl is captured, he’s put in charge of trying to torment and break Daryl.

We eventually learn that Dwight is only being loyal to Negan because he wants to protect his wife Sherry, who is now “married” to Negan, TWD wiki shares. He hates Negan for marrying Sherry, and Sherry eventually disappears. He frames Emmett Carson for her disappearance and ultimately sides with Rick’s team in trying to take down Negan.

Season 8 covers a lot of ground in Dwight’s attempt to unseat Negan. He’s a mole in the Savior’s Sanctuary, and even diverts them away from capturing Tara.

The Saviors are ultimately defeated and Negan is captured. However, Daryl hasn’t given up on his desire to execute Dwight. Because Dwight is genuinely sorry he’s allowed to live, but he’s also permanently exiled. The last we saw of Dwight, he was leaving and planned to try to find his missing wife Sherry.

Dwight’s traveled a long way since we last saw him. He was in Virginia on The Walking Dead, and now he’s traveled all the way south to Texas. That’s a lot of ground to cover.

Now that you’re caught up on Dwight, what has the actor Austin Amelio been up to? Well, he’s been filming a lot of episodes for Fear, since we’re going to see him around a lot. He was last in The Walking Dead in 2018, so it hasn’t been that long since we last saw him.

Since he was on The Walking Dead, Amelio has had a guest role as Will Nylund on Mercy Black. He also appeared in two shorts. He was on Love Radio as Chad and on Apples & Oranges as “Neighbor.” He was also on Richard Linklater’s film, Everybody Wants Some, in 2016. He was also recently on Ride with Norman Reedus.

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