Eric & Courtney Waldrop: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sweet Home Sextuplets


The Waldrop family stars in TLC’s series, Sweet Home Sextuplets. The show follows the lives of the Waldrops, who recently welcomed six newborn babies into their lives.

They’ve already got three older boys, so things are bound to go awry trying to manage the stress of nine children. Interested in learning more about the Waldrops? Read on.

1. The Couple Only Intended on Having One More Child

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Waldrops didn’t set out to have nine children. They had three boys and were hoping for one more. According to Cheat Sheet, they had issues falling pregnant again, so Courtney decided to go on a low dose of fertility treatment.

She ended up getting pregnant with six kids: three boys (named Blu, Layke, and Tag) and three girls (Rawlings, Rayne, and Rivers.)

2. The Couple Has Been Together Since Eighth Grade

Courtney and Eric have been together since eighth grade. They were married in 2004, and from the get-go, knew they wanted a big family. Courtney tells WHNT, “I always knew I wanted a houseful.”

They credit the community with helping them raise so many little ones. In fact, after the Waldrops announced their pregnancy, their neighbors organized a 5K run to raise money for their children. Courtney tells People, “We’ve had an amazing amount of love come from our community… I feel like they’ll be there until the end.”

They add that even though they’ve got cameras filming their day-to-day lives, their lives have remained largely unchanged. “It’s just like watching a home video,” Courtney says. “It’s hard to even imagine it’s on in a million people’s homes. I feel like it’s only on in our house.”

3. Courtney Used to Be a School Teacher

According to Distractify, Courtney used to work at Albertville City Schools as a first grade teacher. In the pilot episode of the show, she shares, “I’ve taught for 13 years… But right now I’m out on maternity leave. When we started back to school, I worked about a week.”

She continued, “And then at about 24 weeks, I was put on pretty strict bedrest, which was very, very sad, because I’m really missing what I do…” Since then, she’s had to leave work to take care of her many children.

Today, she describes her life as “fun-crazy.” Courtney tells Today, ““We love every second of it but it is something, having to feed around the clock…”

Eric adds, “It’s a different kind of exhaustion now… They’re doing great, even in those moments where we think we’re going to lose our minds.”

4. Their Children Are the First Sextuplets to Be Born in Alabama Since 2011

According to WHNT, these sextuplets are the first to be born in Alabama since 2011.

The outlet writes, “The staff of Huntsville Hospital had to gather equipment, prepare the blood bank and used mock drills to practice for the delivery. A team of 40 people, from different departments, waited for the alert of a code six, named for the six babies. Each baby had its own team of staff and its own team color.”

Even seemingly simple tasks, like going to church, now take an army. For one episode, the family had to prepare twelve pacifiers, eight bottles, two packs of wipes, six blankets, and “probably 50 diapers” for the adventure. Eric tells cameras, “Courtney and I got started about five in the morning… We still had several people over here helping. We would have never made it.”

5. Eric Runs a Landscape Design and Maintenance Company

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When he isn’t busy helping Courtney take care of their nine little ones, Eric runs a landscape design and maintenance company that supports his family of 11. On Sweet Home Sextuplets, he shares, “I own a landscape company based in north Alabama… And on top of owning my own business, we live on top of 40 acres… Twenty acres of it is a working sheep farm. We have, like, close to 100 sheep right now.”

The outlet shares that Eric studied landscape horticulture at Auburn University, and graduated in 2004.

The company’s website reads, “Robinson & Waldrop Landscape Group, LLC was established in Spring of 2005. Our goal was to start a landscape company that provided quality work in all facets of the landscape industry. Whether it is landscape design-build, hardscapes, irrigation, night lighting, or maintenance, we have all the capabilities to accommodate your needs. We strive to provide the highest quality of work for our clients at competitive pricing. If you desire to achieve a balance of the finest product & the best value for your property, look no further than Robinson & Waldrop Landscape Group, LLC.”

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