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Etika, born Desmond Amofah, was found dead on Monday. Police said Etika’s body was recovered from the East River in Lower Manhattan, and some of his belongings were retrieved near the Manhattan Bridge. He was 29.

Etika is a YouTuber who’s best known for his reaction videos and Nintendo-related content. He gained a large following on the strength of his boisterous personality and his reactions, many of which either went viral or inspired memes. We’ve compiled some of the best Etika reaction videos and memes below.

TOP 10 MOST VIEWED ETIKA VIDEOS OF ALL TIME ( TIMESTAMPS )Etika World Network Most Viewed Videos / Highlights on Youtube. Make Sure To Leave A Like, Comment, And Subscribe! TIMESTAMPS – 1. ETIKA SURFS THE DEEP WEB FOR THE FIRST TIME… 41:32 2. ETIKA SURFS THE DEEP WEB – PART 2 [$1000 DONATION] – 32:32 3. Etika MEWTWO DLC Reveal Reaction "MY D**K" – 31:27…2018-08-31T20:19:38.000Z

One of the most popular Etika-themed memes was a clip of him yelling the phrase “Joycon Boys!!” The moment was ripped from one of his live streams and uploaded to YouTube on November 14th, 2016. During the stream, Etika pulls out a Nintendo Switch and yells the now famous phrase. There have been several memes and Reddit threads inspired by the phrase, with examples of the latter including the threads “If the Joycon Boyz Was a Religion” and “Etika Has Betrayed the Joycon Boyz.”

The most famous of Etika’s reactions sees him getting up after a surprising moment and repeatedly screaming “Oh my God!” He can also been seen taking objects off the shelf next to him and throwing them on the floor. The reaction quickly went viral, and fans began taking the footage and laying it over different YouTube videos and moments from shows like Family Guy and Spongebob Squarepants.

Etika Reaction Meme Compilation(R.I.P)Etika was honestly a huge inspiration to me. He was the one that made me smile and laugh all the time after a bad day. I remember coming home from school after having a bad day and hoping he would stream and he would and made me forget all my problems. I love you Desmond…2018-03-11T03:27:22.000Z

Another viral moment in Etika’s career was when he sat down for an interview with Keemstar. He immediately caught the host off guard by introducing himself as the Antichrist and saying that he wanted to rid the planet of all living things. “Hey guys, what’s going on it’s me, the Antichrist. I’ve come to purge the planet of all human life,” he said.

“Everything that you’ve done in your life Keemstar was all leading up to this moment,” Etika continued. “Where you can broadcast the start of the beginning of the rise of the known Antichrist. I am the Antichrist, I am the one who brings death to all.” At one point, Etika stormed out of the interview, but agreed to return and discuss his recent interaction with the police. “The cops took you to the mental place today, what happened?” Keemstar asked. Etika’a replied, “I went, I became God, and I walked out.”

Etika ( INTERVIEW ) after being ARRESTED by Police! #DramaAlert ( SHOCKING )This interview does not represent who Etika really was. He became my online friend & when we talked privately, he did not think he was the Antichrist. Literately before this interview we talked about YouTube & Twitter & it was a very normal convo then when the cameras turned on Etika did what he always…2019-04-30T21:00:02.000Z

Etika’s fanbase have created several other memes with his likeness over the years. There is a popular profile called The Etika Page that takes moments from his videos and turns them into meme-able moments. Some of the most notable include references to the Joycon Boyz and clips of the YouTuber dancing to various hip-hop songs. Check them out below.

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