‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Season 3 Spoilers

Getty Bow Wow attends "Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta" premiere.

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta is back for its third season. The reality series focuses on a star-studded cast of artists and the drama they go through, whether it be with their family or the music industry at large. Read on for cast spoilers and clues as to what this season has in store.

The synopsis for season 3 reads, “Bow Wow’s arrest blows up in the tabloids and causes an uproar with Da Brat. R. Kelly’s arrest ignites a buzzing child support battle with ex-wife Drea Kelly. Waka Flocka and wife Tammy Rivera put their wedding renewal vows to the ultimate test.” The biggest story heading into the premiere is undoubtedly about Bow Wow.

Bow Wow Will Face the Legal Repercussions of the Elevator Fight He Had with His Ex

The rapper recently got into an elevator fight with his on-again/off-again girlfriend Leslie Holden, and his management is unsure how much damage it will do to his career. The teaser for tonight’s episode suggests that the damage will be severe. “This is something you could be destroyed on,” says his manager Debra Antney. “Don’t think ’cause you Bow Wow that can’t nothing happen to you. You could lose your whole career. Bow you done f**ed up now.”

Bow Wow’s mother Teresa is also concerned about his future. “When I saw the elevator footage, the video makes the situation look worse,” she explained. “Now it is so important that Bow talk to his attorney.” The other big story for season 3 is Drea Kelly and the turmoil she’s going through due to her ex-husband, R. Kelly. The latter has recently become a lightning rod for controversy due to his illicit past with underage girls coming to light.

Drea Kelly Will Face Down the Criticisms Of Her Husband R. Kelly’s Criminal Past

“As soon as I feel like, ‘OK, I got me and the kids, we got a level of normalcy, life is going,’ some headlines [appear] — being arrested to new evidence surfacing to him not paying child support. I’m like, ‘What?'” Drea tells the camera. “And what’s worse is I find out like everybody else. I’m on social media, my phone is like, ‘ping, ping!'”

Throughout the season, Drea will be criticized by other women for not having spoken out against her ex, and it will lead some emotionally charged breakdowns. In the season 3 teaser, she tears up, saying, “Here I am, putting myself in a position because I want to help women, and they are attacking me!”

Da Brat Will Try to Reform Her Image By Opening Up an Artist ‘Boot Camp’

“When I think about the ways that I have been abused by Robert, from being hogtied, having both of my shoulders dislocated, to being slapped, pushed, having things thrown as me, the sexual abuse, the mental abuse, words can’t even describe,” she continues. “There’s some things that I don’t even speak anymore, that I feel like, once you give it to God, you better leave with God, because if I don’t leave it with God, I’m definitely going to be somewhere with my hands on the glass, visiting my children every other Sunday.”

Elsewhere in season 3, Waka Flocka Flame and his wife Tammy Rivera are back after their dream wedding and renewing their vows in Cancun, Mexico. As for Da Brat, she will try to reform her image and her dire financial situation by teaming with Antney and creating an Artist Boot Camp designed to help foster and develop musical talent in Atlanta.

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