Is HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ a New ‘Skins’? How Do They Compare?


People are already comparing HBO’s new series Euphoria to a popular series about high school students in the UK called Skins. But how do they really compare?

Skins is a British TV series that aired from 2007 to 2013 (and also prompted the release of a U.S. version that wasn’t nearly as popular.) It was a comedy-drama that followed teenagers in England and featured a number of controversial issues, like eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, sexuality in teens, gender issues, substance abuse, autism, and bullying. It was controversial and ran for six years, replacing its primary cast every two years.

Euphoria is being compared to Skins because it’s also going to cover similar issues and is already generating controversy. However, Euphoria is actually based on an Israeli series of the same name.

On Reddit, KingDBC wrote: “If this show can do for Gen Z kids what Skins UK did for me then it’ll be great. My high school was conservative and religious, but watching Skins made me realise it’s okay to think about alcohol, drugs and sex. Probably more okay than to pretend it’s all evil.”

Redditor chronosthesage agreed, writing: “Skins UK pretty much helped me through high school as well and really delt with some serious issues of my generation well, although it wasn’t a US show it was pretty accurate in a lot of aspects. This, and Degrassi (more of a middle school thing for me). Hopefully Euphoria will be the new Skins for Gen Z. I think I’m going to watch this to compare the two shows, my own high school experience, and to gain insight into current highschoolers’ experiences.” 

However, there will be some pretty big differences between Skins and Euphoria. One is that Skins was partly a comedy and Euphoria is going to have little comedy and mostly drama. It’s going to be dark and focus on some very triggering issues and likely be more violent than Skins too.

Like SkinsEuphoria is said to be dedicating each episode to a different character. But Euphoria is much darker and is already causing some people to stay away because of its extreme nudity and violence. Decider referred to Euphoria as “Skins with an HBO budget.”

But the extreme nudity of Euphoria might turn off some. According to IMDBEuphoria is rated TV-MA. Under sex and nudity on IMDB’s parents’ guide, six out of eight people rated it “severe” and including full frontal and rear nudity and frequent sex scenes. Apparently there is also one episode that shows 30 instances of male genitalia in a single episode.

So if you’re looking for another Skins and you’re not bothered by extreme nudity and shocking scenes that might be triggering, then you should give Euphoria a try. But most are in agreement that Euphoria is a much darker version of Skins.

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