‘Yellowstone’ Season 2 Episode 1 Runtime: How Long Is the Premiere Tonight?

Yellowstone Season 2

Paramount Yellowstone Season 2

The Season 2 premiere of Yellowstone airs tonight, but just how long is the episode? Fans will be excited to know that the episode is going to air a little longer than normal.

Yellowstone airs on the Paramount Network (although tonight’s episode will also air simultaneously on CMT.) The episode premieres at 10 p.m. Eastern/10 p.m. Pacific and at 9 p.m. Central. Rather than running just an hour, the show is going to be longer tonight. In fact, tonight’s episode of Yellowstone will be four minutes longer, for a 64-minute long runtime. The episode will end at 11:04 p.m. Eastern. 

This means that if you’re recording tonight’s episode rather than watching it live, you’ll want to make sure your DVR is set to record the episode a little longer. Although sometimes this happens automatically, it doesn’t always record longer. So you’ll want to doublecheck to make sure you don’t miss the last few minutes of the premiere.

Here’s quick recap of what happened in Season 1 in case you forgot. John Dutton was diagnosed with cancer and was throwing up blood near the end of the season. He and Rip had a mysterious conversation about how much longer he had left. He made Beth put the ranch in a trust and promise not to sell it, and they shared a sweet, loving moment at the end of the finale.

Kayce and Monica are estranged and Monica didn’t want anything to do with Kayce. Monica was beaten by one of her students and now she’s struggling to recover. She took Tate away and was staying with her grandparents, but the reality of her grandmother’s situation as compared to hers is starting to terrify her.

Sarah, an investigative journalist, was researching the Dutton family. She struck a deal with Jamie that he would come forward about his family, giving her an exclusive, and he would “get ahead” of her big revelations. She said this would help his campaign for attorney general. Meanwhile, John has pretty much disowned Jamie for running for attorney general.

John was asked to step down as livestock commissioner because he violated federal law and several civil suits were filed against him, not to mention the EPA investigating his rerouting of the river. Of course, John refused.

Jimmy was still being Jimmy. Beth and Walker had a love connection of sorts. Meanwhile, Rip brought on Avery as a new groomer, and she’s a hit so far with the group after overcoming some initial awkwardness.

Rainwater and Jenkins brought a lot of the drama in the finale, with Rainwater committing to a 400-room hotel to go along with the casino that’s right next to Dutton’s property. But later in the episode, Rip and Kayce kidnap Jenkins and Kayce kills him. Just before his death, Jenkins admitted to faking land prices and running up property taxes to drive people off the land. He said John had to sell the land or lose it, so Kayce killed him.

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