‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Recap: Why Is Jessica Mad at Trish?

Jessica Jones

Netflix Jessica Jones

With Jessica Jones Season 3 just released on Netflix, some fans will need a refresher on where we left off on Season 2. For example, why is Jessica so angry at Trish? Why are they separated now? Here’s a quick refresher.

This post will, of course, have spoilers for Season 2. 

In Season 2, Trish got addicted to IGH’s performance-enhancing drug while attempting to save Jessica. As a result of her addiction, she breaks up with her boyfriend when he proposes and gets involved in vigilante justice herself.

Jessica’s mother, Alisa, survived the car wreck where Jessica thought her whole family was killed. Jessica ended up in IGH after the wreck, and it turns out that Alisa did too. But she ended up with extreme mood swings from the drug and couldn’t be released. Jessica was never told she survived and Alisa ended up staying with Malus, who was trying to cure her.

Meanwhile, Trish was still high on the IGH drug and quit her radio show while having a huge meltdown. She was offered a TV position, but ruined that with another meltdown because she’s having withdrawals.

Jessica can’t turn her mom into the authorities, despite her mom being dangerous and killing so many people. Alisa agrees to avoid jail in exchange for turning in Malus. But instead, Jessica convinces Malus that he and Alisa should free the country after she gets a forged passport from Oscar.

Trish, meanwhile, betrays Malcolm and asks Malus to giver her abilities like Jessica’s, since he worked with Jessica and Alisa in the beginning. He agrees. Jessica tracks down Malus and Trish to an old IGH facility, where Malus is giving Trish powers just like he did for Jessica. But her transition is stopped, Malus commits suicide, and Alisa kills a guard and escapes.

Alisa blames Trish for Malus’ death and goes looking for her. She kills a police officer while trying to get to Trish, and ultimately knocks out Jessica when she can’t bring herself to kill her own mother.

Instead, Alisa is driving Jessica to the border. They end up in a car chase and Alisa stops at a fairground where she and Jess and their family used to visit when Jess was a kid. Trish ultimately tracks down Alisa and kills her herself, since Jessica can’t. She shoots and kills Alisa in front of Jessica, saying that she had to do it to protect Jessica.

But things don’t go so smoothly. Trish and Jessica have a huge fight. As Season 3 begins, it appears that Jessica has still shut Trish out of her life and is still angry over what happened. Trish feels that she had to kill Jessica’s mom. Jessica feels like Trish didn’t have to and was just thinking that she was morally superior and knew better.

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