Jhoel Lopez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jhoel Lopez

Youtube/Jhoel Lopez

Late Sunday night, it was reported that ex-Red Sox star David Ortiz was shot and injured while out at a club with friends. Television show host Jhoel Lopez was, according to El Dia, with Ortiz at the time and was also wounded in the shooting.

Here’s what you need to know about Jhoel Lopez:

1. He Hosts a Late Night Variety Show

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Lopez is the host of “Me gusta de noche” (which translates to “I like at night”). According to KariCulture.net, he said “that he spent four years writing and imagining the concept of his program “Me gusta de noche”, since he wanted a project that would allow him to show all his talents. He said success is due to how demanding he is himself and his staff as well as his discipline.”

The show’s YouTube channel has over 87,000 followers and won the 2019 Soberano Award for “Best Weekly Variety Programme.”

2. He Is Also an Actor & Producer

According to Jhoel’s IMDb page, he also has a number of professional producer and actor credits. His most recent credit is for Love Kills in 2016, in which he played the role of “Kachu.”

Before the success of “Me gusta de noche,” he was an associate producer for “El Escándalo del 13.” KariCulture.net reports that he was unexpectedly unemployed after being informed that that program was canceled minutes before it was set to go on air; that obstacle showed him how hard the industry can be and motivated him to keep working toward success.

3. He Has Two Daughters

According to Instagram, Lopez and his was Liza share a daughter named Lenash. The little girl, who turned one in January 2019, already has her own Instagram account (managed by her mom and dad) and over 22,000 followers. The morning of the shooting, Lopez shared a selfie with Lenash on his Instagram story.

He also has a daughter named Shanel, who turned 12 years old this year. His daughters had a joint unicorn-themed birthday party to celebrate.

4. He Posted a Photo With David Ortiz Hours Before the Shooting

Only a few hours before news outlets began reporting that Ortiz and Lopez were shot, Lopez posted a selfie with Ortiz to share with his 317,000 Instagram followers. The photo featured both men smiling for the camera while wearing sunglasses; it appears that they were out at dinner at the time the photo was taken.

In the caption, he wrote lyrics from the Daddy Yankee song “Somos De Calle.” The lyrics “Tú sabes que somos de calle” translate to “You know we are from the street.”

Jhoel shared an Instagram story video with Ortiz, where they appear to be friends, at around the same time as the photo he posted. He shared another photo 4 hours later, in which the two stand outside and Ortiz is dressed in a different outfit. Based on the time stamp, it is possible that that photo was taken at or near the scene of the crime.

5. His Wife Reported on Instagram That He Is in Stable Condition

As news of the shooting spread, Jhoel’s wife, Liza, took to Instagram to update concerned fans on his condition. She wrote that he was stable and in recovery, but said that she would not give any more information at the moment to take time to process what had happened. She also expressed appreciation for the patience and concern of those wanting to know more.

According to the couple’s joint YouTube channel, they have a reality show on YouTube called “The Babys Life,” that lets viewers into the day to day of their lives. The channel has over 18,000 subscribers to-date.