Kamie Crawford Co-Hosts ‘Catfish’ Season 7 Episode 29

Kamie Crawford


Kamie Crawford is back for the latest season of Catfish. The model will co-host select episodes alongside Nev Schulman, as they attempt to figure out which online relationships are phony and which, if any, are the real deal. Kamie is a self-described “Catfish enthusiast” who is eager to help people sort out their digital love lives.

Kamie was crowned Miss Teen USA on July 24, 2010, and has since pursued several different career paths. She’s currently signed to JAG Models, and has taken classes at the New York Film Academy in an effort to crossover into film and television work. She first co-hosted Catfish during season 7 episode 20, where she and Nev broke uncovered the truth behind a decade-long “romance” between Rachel and Vance.

Kamie Crawford Previously Co-Hosted a Season 7 Episode of ‘Catfish’

Prior to the episode, Kamie sat down with Nev to discuss her reasons for joining Catfish. She talked about her modeling past, and how the pressure of having to conform to certain standards of beauty helps her relate to the people on the show. “I can fully relate to the people on the show because life is a Catfish,” she explained. “Instagram, social media, is all a Catfish. Everybody wants to fit this mold of what they think somebody else will like.”

When asked what she hopes to accomplish by being on the show, Kamie said making connections with other people. “I love to get to know people, and I love giving advice, even if it’s not necessarily the advice that people want to hear,” she said. “99.9 percent of the time I’m going to be completely honest.

Kamie Will Return as a Co-Host During Episode 29 Alongside Nev Schulman

During a recent interview with Tucson.com, Nev talked about bringing Kamie back as a co-host. “We definitely zeroed in on some of the ladies who had co-hosted previously that we liked… but also kept it open for some new, fresh faces,” he revealed. “So, one thing that I’m really excited about is just that every episode that anybody does after the first one, they get more comfortable. They get more confident. And so I love that I got to bring back Tallulah [Willis] and Kamie.”

Nev went on to say that working alongside different co-hosts gives each episode a fresh perspective. “Bringing new co-hosts on definitely resets the energy,” he observed. “And all of the sudden, not only am I in situations for the first time with someone — in some cases who I don’t even know, so I’m getting to know them. They’re getting to know me.”

“We’re both figuring out how we interact on the show, and then we’re thrust into this complicated mystery situation that we have to figure out together,” he added. “So, it makes the experience feel very new. But also, everybody brings a different skill set and a different emotional background to the show.”