Kevin Chamberlin Not Dead: ‘Jesse’ Star Is Still Alive

Kevin Chamberlin Not Dead

Wikipedia Actor Kevin Chamberlin pictured on his Wikipedia page.

Kevin Chamberlin is not dead following a death hoax that began on social media on June 15. Chamberlain was active on Twitter amid the hoax. As with many of these death hoaxes, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where it began.

Chamberlin, a celebrated theater, television and movie actor, is perhaps best known from his role as the butler Bertram Winkle in the Disney Channel sitcom “Jessie.” The show ran between 2011 and 2015.

There are several memes on Facebook and Instagram showing the false claim that Chamberlin had passed following a heart attack:

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rip?? #ripkevinchamberlin #kevinchamberlin

A post shared by Big thicah daddy Hay&isa ?? (@weloveathicahsister) on Jun 13, 2019 at 11:21pm PDT

The proof that reports of Chamberlin’s demise are greatly exaggerated, comes from the fact that he has been tweeting to fans on June 15. Chamberlin was reacting to this question, “Someone has offered you $1,000,000 on the condition that you sing through an entire Broadway soundtrack from memory. It cannot be a show you’ve performed in. You cannot miss a single word. Which one you going with?” Chamberlin responded by saying, “Into the Woods, Working, Sweeney Todd, Company, Annie, A Chorus Line, Merrily We Roll Along, Chicago.” A user, Taylor Chamberlin, replied asking, “I thought you were in Chicago at one point.” Chamberlin answered, “I was – in 2007. That’s why I can sing the whole score.” Despite responding to that, Chamberlin has not answered the countless people who have asked him to comment on the death hoax.

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