Kevin Fortenberry: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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With his absurdly ripped body and shockingly baby blue eyes, it’s not hard to understand why Kevin Fortenberry is catching the eye of The Bachelorette star, Hannah Brown. However, the 27-year-old self described gym rat loves his body as much as he loves his face, and his Instagram page is a shrine of photos dedicated to his pecs and gratuitous selfies.

Aside from not having a shred of fat or ounce of shyness, there’s more the Kevin F. than his strict work out routine and chiseled jaw line. Kevin F. is a behavioral health specialist in the Army National Guard. It’s a wonder as to why he didn’t walk out of the limo to meet Hannah while rocking his fatigues because such might’ve earned him the coveted First Impression Rose. Kevin F. also works as a bartender in Monteno’s Stampede Saloon.

While Kevin F. makes a splash this season on The Bachelorette after getting injured playing rugby on a group date, the Harry Potter loving Malteno, Illinois native may also catch more screen time if he opens up to Hannah about losing his older brother Robert, or discusses the details of past arrest. As reported by In Touch, he has a criminal record stemming from a DUI in 2017, in which he was charged with two Class A and one Class B misdemeanors.

Here’s what you need to know about Kevin F…

1. Kevin F. Loves His Face Almost as Much as He Loves His Pecs

One quick scroll through Kevin F.’s Instagram, and it’s clear he’s his own No. 1 fan. Not only does he have no shame posting eight selfies in a row, he will follow that up by 11 pictures that are just close-ups of his pectorals.

While there’s something to be said of his self-confidence, it’s hard to imagine Kevin F. loving anything or anyone more than he does himself.

In case viewers of his profile can’t readily identify his swole show, Kevin F. circles his muscles in red.

2. Kevin F. Lost His Big Brother Robert in 2016

Nearly three years ago, Kevin F. shared a photo on Facebook of him and his older brother Robert, along with an emotionally heartfelt caption explaining how he felt after his suden passing.

He wrote, “Words cannot explain what I am feeling right now.. As I type this it is making it that much worse because I know Im not having a nightmare that I will awake from.. You were too young to be taken from us and Im losing myself over why I didnt spend more time with you.. you were the best big brother I could have asked for.. you put a roof over my head when I didnt have a place to go and how do I repay you.. by not spending time with you.. I will regret for the rest of my life not picking up that phone and talking with you one last time.. I love you so much Robert and I know you know that, Im so happy you are not in pain anymore but I didnt want it to happen at the expense of you leaving us.. Rest in peace brother, I know you will watch over me from heaven you beautiful angel! Until we meet again! Love always Kevin.”

While Kevin F., mostly posts about his body and diet on social media, if you dig hard enough, you’ll also find that Kevin F. gives shout outs and has a lot of for his parents, Jeffrey and Carole Fortenberry.

3. Kevin F. Is Still On Probation While Filming ‘The Bachelorette’

On August 25, 2017, Kevin F. was arrested for a DUI and later pleaded guilty in court. According to police records, his blood alcohol content (BAC) ranked over the legal limit of .08 at .098, and he was caught driving 66 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. The official write-up said, “Driver acted surprised when I told him his speed” and that “he began to provide a lengthy explanation as to where he was coming from; however, he had difficulty pronouncing words and continually slurred his speech.” Kevin F. repeated several times that he “isn’t a drinker” and only had “one drink” called a “cu-tini.”

As punishment, Kevin F. was ordered to go to counseling and attend a victim impact panel. He was forced to pay $3,155 in fines and fees, along with $750 in restitution, which totaled to $3,905. He was also sentenced to 100 hours of community service and 12 months probation. Kevin F. remains under probation during his tenure on The Bachelorette, as his sentence doesn’t expire until September 16.

4. He Loves Dessert Wine and Chipotle

No one can knock Kevin F. for having a champagne tastes in life, because aside from his own body and face, the only things he’s passionate about is Barefoot Wine and Chipotle. Fun fact, he’s not an official ambassador for either brands, so this kind of obsessive love is his organic truth.

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When you have too many bottles and it was a shit day:)

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The 27-year-old’s favorite post-work out, or pre-work out meal, is literally anything from his favorite casual Mexican restaurant. Kevin F. refers to the burrito bowl as “bae” and claims to chow down on both a chicken and steak burrito while watching himself on The Bachelorette.

Kevin F.’s love for Barefoot’s Moscato wine falls is not an act, it actually falls in line with what he drunkenly told police during his DUI arrest. In his case report, it says that Kevin F. claimed that he “wasn’t a big drinker” that he only had “one drink” because he “did not like the taste,” which is exactly what someone who has a special affinity for drinking Moscato, which is an extremely sweet dessert wine, would say about beer or liquor.

5. He Gets Injured While Playing Rugby on ‘The Bachelorette’

It’s hard to imagine such a physically ripped guy who works with U.S. military getting injured doing a playful game of rugby on a reality dating show, but that’s exactly what goes down during a group date on the episode airing June 3.

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