Kyle Cooke & Amanda Batula Are Still Together After Proposal

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula

Getty Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke attend The Pink Agenda's Annual Gala at Tribeca Rooftop on October 11, 2018.

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula have had a drama-filled relationship over the past few seasons of Summer House. Cooke has been fickle when it comes to their being together, and the couple have split for brief periods of time. That said, the couple are still together today and have even gotten engaged. Read on to hear about the engagement, which plays out on the season finale.

The couple officially got engaged in September 2018, but the romantic gesture will finally be shown to Summer House viewers tonight. Cooke told Entertainment Tonight that nerves caused him to “black out” after he proposed to Batula. “The summer, there’s always some eventful kind of milestones in our relationship and it just kinda felt right to propose and do it out there,” he explained. “[Though], I blacked out! I was just so nervous.”

Kyle Cooke’s Proposal to Amanda Batula Will Occur During the Season Finale

“I was very shocked,” Batula added. “I really did not see it coming. I forgot what I said. I think I asked if he was, like, serious. Like, is this…” Cooke said that he recalls Batula swearing about he got on one knee. “There was a swear involved. It wasn’t a[n immediate] ‘yes’,” he admitted. “Yeah, like ‘f-ing serious. I was like, ‘I f-ing am!’ I don’t even know what I said.”

Before Cooke proposed, however, he asked Batula’s dad, Frank, for her hand in marriage. “For me, it means so much for you to see Amanda and I in a really good place,” he told the Batula patriarch. “Um… I wanted to pull you aside and tell you that Labor Day has been an important day for us. It’s about when we met, it’s, you know, a year later when we kind of officialized our relationship and this Labor Day, I want ask her to be my wife.” Frank promptly gave him the blessing.

The Couple Have Overcome Cooke’s Cheating Rumors & Allegations

The couple have been plagued by cheating rumors in the past, but the couple appear to have put these rumors behind them. Batula says that their biggest obstacle currently is adjusting to living together under one roof. “I mean, it’s even more complicated [than just our relationship],” she explained. “We’re engaged, we’re living together and we’re starting a business together … so, we’ve decided to just really complicate the s–t out of everything.”

Batula also told People that Cooke makes her incredibly happy. “Aside from how funny and sexy he is, Kyle’s my best friend. He’s the person I go to for everything,” she revealed. “And he forces me to be a better person in different ways by pushing me outside of my comfort zone. Life with him is exciting. And to think he wants to spend the rest our his life with me and I feel the same way, it’s just a real happy feeling.”

As far as a wedding date is concerned, neither Cooke nor Batula have a specific timetable. “We haven’t picked a venue, we haven’t picked a date,” Cooke told ET. “I want it to be a party.” Batula assured fans that they will be get married no matter what. “We are gonna get married,” she said. “That’s all we know.”

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