Maci Bookout’s Husband & Kids: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Instagram Maci Bookout is married to husband Taylor McKinney and the two have been together since 2012. They share two children together, and Bookout also has a son from a previous relationship.

Maci Bookout, star of MTV’s hit reality series Teen Mom: OG, has been with husband Taylor McKinney since 2012. The couple tied the knot in 2016 and share two children together – daughter Jayde, and son Maverick.

Bookout also shares a son with ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards. The two were documented on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in 2009 when Bookout was pregnant with their son Bentley. Here’s what you need to know about Bookout’s family:

1. She Met McKinney in 2012 & The Couple Welcomed Their First Child Together in 2015

Bookout and McKinney started dating in 2012 following her split from childhood friend Kyle King. They dated long distance for two years before McKinney moved from Dallas to Tennessee to be with Bookout.

A year after the twosome moved in together, Bookout and McKinney welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Jayde Carter. “Jayde made her grand entrance at 1:59pm today,” the reality star tweeted on May 29, 2015. “She weighed 7lbs 15oz at birth. She is beautiful and as healthy as can be!”

She and McKinney launched a business together – a joint clothing line called Things That Matter – later that year in November.

2. He Finally Proposed to Bookout in January 2016

McKinney popped the question on the beach in Los Angles in January 2016, according to US Weekly. “Well y’all, my best friend asked me to marry him! I’m one lucky lady, I love you T!” Bookout captioned a photo from the proposal on Instagram at the time.

Bookout was thrilled that McKinney finally proposed since she had been wondering why he hadn’t yet. She told Us Weekly in 2015 that she was expecting a proposal after three years of dating.

“It’s so to the point where I’m like, ‘Really, what is the deal?’” she told Us Weekly at the time. “Marriage is something I want in my life. In my opinion — and I think Taylor would agree — we pretty much are already married. So it’s kind of like, ‘All right, what are we waiting on?’ I’m confused.”

3. Their Son Maverick Was Born in May, 2016 & was a Complete Surprise

The couple welcomed their son Maverick Reed to the world in May 2016. She announced the news via Twitter: ”Mr. Maverick Reed has officially made his debut & completed our family. So much love, so many blessings!”

Bookout wrote in her book, I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof that she and McKinney were not expecting Maverick, writing “We never planned on my getting pregnant again so soon after [Jayde] was born. Maverick was totally unexpected. When I found out I was pregnant, Jayde was still a baby.”

She revealed that they had actually been planning to adopt sometime later down the road. “Taylor and I both always wanted to adopt. Now it’s just a matter of timing, and really accepting the process,” she told Us Weekly earlier this year. “Because we don’t want to adopt a baby. And not that we only want one, but we are open to siblings also. It’s kind of one of those things, people say, ‘Oh, we’re waiting until we’re ready to have kids.’ You’re never going to be ready. We will never be ready. … You just have to do it, type of thing. But we want the little ones to be a little bit older.”

4. Maverick Experienced Health Issues When he was Born & the Couple Plan to Adopt Another Child in the Future

Maverick experienced a series of health issues that Bookout detailed in her book. She wrote that Maverick had trouble sleeping and was diagnosed with silent reflux shortly after he was born.

“His pediatrician prescribed him medicine to reduce stomach acidity and help relieve the pain, but every time we gave it to him he would push it out with his tongue or he would get so upset that he would throw the medicine right back up,” Bookout revealed.

The star told People in 2017 that she and McKinney were done having kids biologically.

5. She Has a Rocky Relationship With Her Ex-Boyfriend Ryan Edwards, Who She Shares Bentley With

Bookout has had a rough relationship with her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards in recent years. The last time the two communicated, Bookout was forced to take out a protective order for her family due to violent threats he made against her, including threatening to show up at her house and take her son and to hurt her if she didn’t answer the phone. According to E! News, Bookout also claimed Edwards had showed up at her son’s baseball game under the influence of heroin in the past and started fights with her.

The couple were together in 2009, and both appeared on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, when their son Bentley was born. Although Bookout isn’t getting along with Edwards at the moment, she and Edwards’ wife Mackenzie Standifer have both made an effort to keep their families together and to get along with each other, despite some issues the two had in the past. Bookout and Standifer recently took a joint picture with all of their kids together and posted the family photos on Instagram, which you can view above.

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