Masterchef Junior Finale Contestants 2019: Season 7 Cast Remaining

Masterchef Junior Finale

Fox Contestants Ivy, Che and Malia in the “Junior Edition: The Finale, Parts 1 and 2” special two-hour season finale episode of MASTERCHEF.

The season 7 finale of Masterchef Junior airs tonight at 8/7c on Fox. Competing in the finals are contestants Ivy, Malia, and Che, who have proven themselves throughout the season with skillful dishes that have only improved as the pre-teen aspiring chefs learned and challenged themselves in the Masterchef kitchen.

Here are the three talented young cooks fighting for the Masterchef Junior title and prize tonight in the season 7 finale:

Ivy Angst (Age 11)

The stylish and smiley Ivy is representing Atlanta, Georgia in the finale. Ivy has achondroplasia, which is a bone growth disorder resulting in shorter limbs and disproportionate dwarfism. She embraces it as something that makes her unique; her Instagram handle is @littlechefivy, and she writes in the bio “Little Person with Big Dreams / Small is the New Big.”

Of her approach to the competition, Ivy told AJC “I didn’t have any real fear. In the beginning, they told me the smartest people will be in the finals. That message stuck with me. I tried to focus. I tried to remember and take in all the information that the judges would give me. If something was wrong with a dish, I made sure I didn’t make that mistake again.”

Che Spiotta (Age 12)

Che, the only male and oldest contestant left in the competition, is from Boiceville, New York. Che learned his love of cooking from his father, who passed away suddenly in 2015. Che earned the finalist apron after winning the semi-final’s Mystery Box Challenge with a dish that paid tribute to his family, his father, and his Italian heritage.

According to Daily Freeman, his father taught him to cook to help him with his gluten intolerance and he learned over time that cooking is a fun process and experience. Che told them that his favorite experience on Masterchef Junior was getting to be team captain during a challenge and that he is “still friends with every single person that was on the show.”

Malia Brauer (Age 11)

Malia is from Newhall, California, and is an actress in addition to a young home chef. According to the Los Angeles Daily News, she learned her love of cooking by making sushi with her Japanese great-grandmother. She brought those skills and piece of her heritage to the Masterchef Junior kitchen in her audition by making spicy tuna roll for the judges; remembering that nerve-wracking experience, she said “They talked to us to see if we could work under pressure. At first, I was like, ‘Uhhh….’ But then I got used to it because I know that’s how you prepare for ‘MasterChef Junior.’”

Although, win or lose, her time on Masterchef Junior ends tonight, Malia will be participating in Camp Masterchef this summer. On Instagram, she revealed in a post “So excited to announce that this summer I’ll be going to camp: #CampMasterChef! CampMasterChef is an unforgettable week of cooking, learning, team challenges and FUN, and I can’t wait to be there! Sign-up today at”

Tune in to the Masterchef Junior season 7 finale, tonight on Fox at 8/7c.

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