Is Michael Still With Megan or His Wife Sarah on Life After Lockup?

Love After Lockup

Instagram Michael, Megan and Sarah's love triangle during the second season of "Love After Lockup" has fans wondering who he will chose in the end.

Michael, Megan and Sarah are returning to Love After Lockup’s spinoff series, Life After Lockup, and after the love-triangle the three had during the second season of the show, fans are wondering whether or not Michael stayed with his wife Sarah or if he left her for Megan.

The Michael-Sarah-Megan love triangle has left viewers scrambling to try to keep up with the drama for some time. Michael had apparently married the mother of his daughter in secret in October, 2017, but was still dating Megan with neither of the women knowing about the other.

On the promo for tonight’s premiere, it appears that question has not yet been answered. In one shot, Michael is kissing Megan while Sarah tells the cameras that Michael told her he didn’t have feelings for Megan anymore. Another clip shows Michael’s mom yelling at him, asking him if he wants to “sacrifice all of this” and “put us through this stuff again?” while another clip shows Sarah storming out of a store, shouting “f–k everything, f–k everybody.”

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So it definitely doesn’t look like Michael had figured out what he wanted, at least at the time that they filmed Life After Lockup. That, combined with the fact that neither of the women have pictures of Michael on Instagram has fans wondering if he is with either of them anymore, or if they both got sick of being the “other woman” and left him for good.

Sarah, who recently gave birth to Michael’s second child, posted a photo on Instagram back in March saying that she forgave Michael for everything that happened between the two while they were filming the second season.

“Being rejected on national TV by the one person you thought you knew best in this world was horrific and painful,” she wrote. “NO I’m not ‘playing the victim’ I was HURT. But I regret NOTHING, I’m now sure of myself that I am a BEAUTIFUL STRONG WOMAN.”

She continued: “As far as Michael, I FORGIVE you. Can’t wait to watch our babies grow, and I hope we can forever be able to be there for them together!”

Her comment only states that she forgives Michael, not that they are still together. Although she said she hopes they can watch their children grow and be there for the kids “together,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are still together.

As for Megan, she posted a series of pictures on Instagram back in February of her and Michael when they went to Niagra Falls together, writing “I can’t lie…This was a great day. I know a lot of people think that when I look back I should be bitter about my experiences.. But I’m not. This was an amazing day.” This comment also doesn’t indicate whether or not the two are together, just that she had a great day with him when they went to Niagra Falls.

Michael has posted plenty of pictures of his children on his Instagram account, but nothing with either Sarah nor Megan. That doesn’t mean much however; it could just be in all three of their contracts that they can’t share photos with each other until the spinoff season concludes, so fans are just going to have to wait and see who he chooses by tuning in to Life After Lockup tonight at 9/8c.

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