Is Mike Johnson a Front-Runner on The Bachelorette Season 15?

ABC Mike Johnson.

Mike Johnson, one of the remaining contestants on this season of The Bachelorette, has a solo date with Hannah Brown during tonight’s episode of the show. According to Reality Steve, Brown gives Johnson a rose, so we know he is safe for the time being; however, does he have what it takes to win Brown’s heart and make it to the end of the show?

This article will explore spoilers of the finale of The Bachelorette 2019, so this is your MAJOR SPOILER WARNING! If you don’t want anything ruined for you, turn back now, or proceed at your own caution!

According to his ABC profile, Johnson, 31, is a portfolio manager based out of San Antonio, Texas and an Air Force veteran who has been to 30 countries in his lifetime. He loves trampoline parks, has modeled in the past, and is a self-described “city boy” and a romantic at heart.

Johnson has definitely become a fan favorite over the first few episodes of the show, especially with his outspoken attitude in regards to season 15’s “villain,” Luke Parker. He also recently opened up to Brown about how he and his ex-girlfriend miscarried during her second trimester, and how that experience shaped his life and made him the person he is today. The fact that he could discuss such a difficult experience and be so openly honest with Brown had fans swooning over Johnson and crossing their fingers that he’d be the one proposing at the end of the season.

Unfortunately for the all Johnson cheerleaders out there, according to Reality Steve, Johnson does not win Brown’s heart in the end, and is inevitably sent home after a one-on-one date with Brown in episode 7. We won’t spoil who actually wins this season, but if you’d like spoilers on the winner, you can click here.

Despite being eliminated from the competition, Johnson made waves with viewers, and fans are campaigning for Johnson to become the first ever African American star of The Bachelor. He is already popular with viewers, is family-oriented and looking to settle down, and has 44.1 thousand followers on Instagram alone, which proves he has a fan base and he can keep people’s interests.

He’s even caught the eye of a few celebs since appearing on the show. Singer Demi Lovato gave Johnson a shoutout earlier this season after she posted a photo on her Instagram Story of her watching The Bachelorette, captioning it “Go Mike J!!!”with heart emojis.

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