Milla Clark Update on My 600 Lb. Life

Milla Clark, My 600 Lb. Life

Facebook Milla Clark, star of the hit reality series "My 600-lb Life."

Milla Clark, the subject of tonight’s episode of My 600 Lb. Life, first appeared on the show during season 4 when she sought out the help of celebrity bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan to try to shed some weight and get her health back on track . When we met her, she weighed 751 pounds and had been struggling with obesity since childhood.

The official TLC synopsis for tonight’s episode reads: “For Milla Clark, after 3 years and 5 surgeries, success would mean beating the odds and becoming one of Dr. Nowzaradan’s most impressive weight loss patients ever, but failure would mean slipping back to the bedbound life she swore she’d never return to.”

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Milla’s issues with eating first started when she was a child, like many of the subjects of the show. “If we didn’t take that food, [my mother] would take that as a rejection,” she said of her mother, who she claims basically force-fed Milla and her sibling.

“My sister was small and she could not finish her plate,” she continued during an earlier episode of the show. “And I would sneak and help her with her plate so they wouldn’t get punished … At the same time, food was my mother’s warmth to me. So I just ate everything I was given. And I just wanted more and more.”

After her husband and the father of her five children passed away a few months into filming, Milla decided that she didn’t want to leave her children orphaned and went to Dr. Now for help losing weight. According to Distractify, Milla lost a total of 274 pounds thanks to a combination of diet, exercise, gastric bypass surgery and a strong will to lead a healthier lifestyle for her children.

Fans of Milla’s story might recall that she’d lost nearly 300 pounds by the end of her first Where Are They Now? episode update, back in 2017. So where is she today?

It’s clear that Milla has continued to work hard to shed even more weight since that last episode, and as you can see by the photo above, she has come a very long way from where she was when she first appeared on the show. She continues to keep her fans updated on her progress through her Facebook page (to the extent that her TLC contract allows), often posting pictures that show off her incredible weight loss, as well as reminders to watch her My 600 Lb. Life episode.

“I know the world says 36″ 24″ 36″ But I don’t mind being 46″ 34″ 48″ at 50 years old,” she recently captioned a photo on her page. She also shares plenty of pictures of her children, silly videos and inspirational memes for all of her fans to enjoy.

Although she can’t provide too many details on her weight loss until after tonight’s episode airs, she did make note of the unbelievable progress she’s made. In response to one fan asking how her weight loss journey was going, Milla had this to say: “Am sorry [I’m] not allowed to tell till after show air but let me just say [I’ve lost] about 3 to 4 people [in weight].”

Tune in tonight to catch Milla’s story on My 600-lb Life, which airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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