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Hey! I’m Emily, and this is your roundup of must-see entertainment and celebrity news headlines. Today, we have The Office‘s Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) as 2019 Stanley Cup rivals, singer Cassie Ventura announcing she’s pregnant with her new man’s baby only eight months after splitting with Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jessica Biel throwing Twitter into a healthy rage after announcing she’s against vaccinations, and more…

TOP STORY: Jessica Biel Comes Out As An Anti-Vax Activist

Teaming up with Robert Kennedy Jr., actress Jessica Biel, who has a son with husband Justin Timberlake, revealed herself to be a staunch anti-vax supporter. She appeared at the California State Assembly to lobby against SB 276, which limits the amount of medical exemptions from vaccinations without approval from a state public health officer. While speaking with The Daily Beast RFK Jr. said “I would say that [Biel] was for safe vaccines and for medical freedom.”

When RFK Jr. was asked about the recent measles outbreak he added, “The measles epidemic has almost nothing to do with unvaccinated children. The biggest problem with the bill, which is something I think Jessica is concerned with,” Kennedy said, “is that a doctor who has made a determination – if he has found children in this state whose doctors have determined that they’re too fragile to receive vaccinations — this bill would overrule the doctors and force them to be vaccinated anyways.”

Leah Russin, executive director of Vaccinate California, who co-sponsors the bill counters that his statements couldn’t be further from the truth. “The children who need medical exemptions will not have a problem getting them if SB 276 becomes law,” she said. “People who are on immuno-suppressant drugs will not have a problem getting a medical exemption—and in fact, the people who truly need medical exemptions desperately need everyone else to be vaccinated. That’s why they support this bill. Medical advice should be coming from medical professionals.”

Learning the actress who once complained she was turned down from roles for being “too sexy” sent the Internet into a tizzy of disappointment and calling for her to be cancelled.

CELEBS on SOCIAL MEDIA: It was Pam Vs. Jim from ‘The Office’ During the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Jenna Fischer, best known as Pam from The Office, and a huge St. Louis Blues fan, shared a rivalry with John Krasinski, who played Pam’s husband Jim on the popular NBC series, and is a diehard Boston Bruins fan.

While Krasinski was able to be at the game in person, he hilariously rubbed it in Fischer’s face by posting an “I’m sorry you’re not here” video message on Instagram that featured his surprise date to the game, David Denman, who played Roy on The Office, Pam’s other on-screen love interest.

The Blues ended up absolutely routing the Bruins in Boston for Game 7, and Fischer ultimately got the last laugh. While blasting the Blues’ winning theme song “Gloria,” she tagged Krasinski in a video as she finished frosting a blue and yellow celebration cake after her team won the Cup.

VIRAL MOMENT EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT: Eight Months After Breaking Up With Diddy, Cassie Announces She’s Pregnant

Singer Cassie announced on Instagram that she is pregnant with boyfriend Alex Fine’s baby. The 32-year-old spent 11 years dating rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs and her big news surprised many of her fans since the longtime couple broke up only eight months ago.

Cassie has apparently moved on and then some. To announce her pregnancy, she captioned a slideshow of photos of her and Fine, “Can’t wait to meet our baby girl Love You Always & Forever.”

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Letter to Cassie I promise you that I will do every single thing in my power to support you and help you. I promise that you will never be alone. I promise that you will be loved beyond expectation and we will show our children how to be in a healthy relationship. I promise to always come home with a great attitude and give our children and you undivided attention. I promise to always keep you and the child first nothing comes before you. I promise you will be showered in kisses and hugs every single day. I promise that I will be the best father/baby daddy You two are my greatest loves I have and will ever have. I cannot wait for the rest of our lives together and to raise a beautiful happy child in our beautiful happy life. ❤️ 📸 @mikemillerphoto

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Fine is a professional bull rider and a personal trainer The couple made their relationship Instagram official back in December.

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Letter to my Daughter I will be the first man in your life and will show you the greatest love and affection now and forever. I never thought my heart could grow bigger after meeting your mother… then I found out we were having you and I instantly felt a love that is so indescribable. I promise to be at every dance recital, concert, sporting event, school plays whatever you decide to do I will be there and support you. I am your number one fan I promise to be a man that you and your mother look up to and love. I will always listen and put the both of you first. I will show you a healthy relationship and how you deserve to be treated. I promise to never approve of any boy you like because they will never be good enough for my baby girl. Sorry I can’t promise that I won’t embarrass you because I will give you so many kisses at every school drop off. I will be the Dad that never forces my opinions on you. I will love whatever you do in life as long as you’re happy. I promise that I will be kind, sweet, and you will always be daddy’s little girl. I promise to love you every single second unconditionally until my last breath. You’re perfect to me and always will be

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Fine appears to be ecstatic that they will soon be parents to a little girl. After Cassie broke the news, he penned a heartfelt letter to both his baby mama and his future daughter on Instagram.


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