Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Finale & Reunion Dates

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is in the midst of its ninth season on Bravo. As we get closer to the finale, however, fans may wonder when the final episode will be, and when the network plans to air the reunion show. Read on for specific dates and info regarding the specials and when they will be released.

The season nine finale airs on Tuesday, July 9 at 9/8c. According to Us Weekly, the season nine reunion show was taped on June 5. Kyle Richards teased that this season’s reunion was going to be a particularly dramatic one in a recent Instagram Story. She shared two photos with a caption that read, “My favorite day of the year is here… #SOS.”

The Season 9 Finale for ‘RHOBH’ Will Air on July 9 at 9/8c

Real Housewives host Andy Cohen revealed that cast member Lisa Vanderpump did not attend the taping of the reunion show. “The reunion is going great. It’s major. Lisa Vanderpump’s not here,” he revealed on his Instagram Live. “There’s major things happening… there’s trouble afoot in Beverly Hills. You know who is here? Camille.”

This may come as no surprise, given that Vanderpump previously told DailyMailTV she would be skipping the reunion. “The objective of the reunion is to reunite, right? And I have no inclination to reunite with the women who’ve been harassing me for 10 months now.” she explained, “So in all probability, no. I think they’ve made it pretty impossible for me to go back frankly. So… no.”

Lisa Vanderpump Reportedly Did Not Attend the Taping of the Reunion Show

A source close to the production told Us Weekly that Vanderpump doesn’t want to further damage her reputation and simply wants to walk away from the show. “[She’s] too afraid to face the other Housewives because she doesn’t want to have her image hurt and she doesn’t want to be called out,” they claimed. “She’s acting like a guilty person. An innocent person shows up and stands their ground.”

Vanderpump recently expounded on her reason for leaving during a RuPaul interview. “It was such a brutal season for me, and it was a time where I was floundering,” she admitted. “And everybody always says, ‘Oh, you look like you got your life together.’ But I started that show this season like two or three months after my brother passed, and I just wasn’t in the right space.”

“I just wasn’t as prepared,” she continued. “I found that I couldn’t deal with something that I could normally deal with. And so then it just went on and then it was accumulative, and in the end, I just said, ‘I can’t do this anymore. I just can’t.’ To have five against one is just not a good place to be, I just think it’s something I would never encourage or ever condone. I don’t like to see it in my businesses when it’s all against one. I certainly have never ever supported my children if they were ever guilty of that choice. So for me, I just would never be part of that.”

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