Regina Hall Boyfriend: Is the Actress Dating Anyone?

Getty Regina Hall

Regina Hall is having a career renaissance. The actress has had a boost with popular comedies like Girls Trip and Little, and tonight she will be hosting the 2019 BET Awards. Given Hall’s recent success, however, fans are curious as to whether she’s single or in a relationship. Is she married? Is she dating right now?

From the looks of it, Hall, 48, is currently unmarried and single. She has made a point of keeping her love life out of the limelight, including past relationships and break ups. That said, Hall has been romantically linked to several male celebrities throughout the years.

Hall Is Not Married & Is Not In a Public Relationship

In 2018, Hall was seen leaving a post-Oscar party at the same time as Chadwick Boseman, leading to speculation that the two left together. The speculation was exacerbated when a video surfaced of the Black Panther star holding Hall’s hand as she walked down the stairs. Boseman has since confirmed that he’s in a relationship with vocalist Taylor Simone Ledward, and that he and Hall are merely friends.

Harper Hill was another actor who cozied up to Hall, though as he tells it, there was more going on than just a friendship. He told Unsung Hollywood that she is “one of the most beautiful, funny, amazing women” he’s ever met, and that his fear of commitment was what cut their potential romance short.  “Absolutely I’ve had a fear of commitment. No question,” he said. “Would it be born out of the fact that my parents are divorced? Probably.”

She Has Been Romantically Linked to Chadwich Boseman & Common In the Past

Hall was also linked to rapper Common after the two acted in 2016’s Barbershop: The Next Cut. The rapper was quick to shut down any speculation about their relationship, however, when he appeared on The Breakfast Club. “We never were in that space — you know, that’s just like somebody I care about as a friend,” he explained. “We worked together and right now I’m just single.”

While she remains quiet about her love life, Hall has been forthright about her devotion to God, and she even told the Fader that she considered becoming a nun after a particularly upsetting breakup. “[Nuns] ran our school and were so smart. They didn’t have to worry about what to wear. I loved their little quiet time in prayer,” she recalled. “It felt serene. I remember they were having a number of young girls join the convent, and I was like, I would like that.”

While she attempted to join a sect in 2010, the rules about her age and how many partners she had been with kept from being accepted. “Every sect has different rules and this particular one I was interested in, their idea was that this wasn’t a Plan B,” she said. “It’s not, life’s not going good so I wanna be a nun. Some of them limit you by the number of partners you’ve had — but I couldn’t join those either.”