Ricky & Damon Spoilers on ‘Pose’ Season 2


FX/YouTube The second season of FX's hit drama "Pose" returns tonight at 10/9c. Here's how you can watch the show live on your computer, phone or streaming device.

Ricky and Damon run into some relationship drama on the second season of Pose. The synopsis for tonight’s episode, titled “Worth It”, reads, “Ricky’s travels have unpredictable consequences for his relationship with Damon; Elektra shocks the ballroom community with a bold move.” Read on for key spoilers and hints at what the future holds for Ricky and Damon.

The couple are still figuring out their relationship three years after the events of season one.  Ricky (Dyllon Burnside) is on tour as a back-up dancer, while Damon (Ryan Jamaal Swain) is left alone to teach Voguing classes. Burnside told Refinery29 that the characters are struggling to juggle their careers with their burgeoning romance. “Ricky is discovering this newfound joy of dance and this new dream, which is all wrapped up in his relationship to Damon,” he revealed. “We’ll get to see what the beauty and the complications of having a long distance relationship is like.”

Ricky & Damon Deal With Cheating & a Long Distance Relationship In Season 2

The episode two teaser hints at some devastating repercussions for the couple, as Damon tells Blanca (MJ Rodriguez) that he’s been having sex with Ricky without protection. A frustrated Blanca tells him, “You are young, black, gay and poor. This world despises you. You get this disease… You die. They feel relieved.”

This is not the first time that Damon has had a health scare. In season one episode four, he asks Ricky if he’s HIV negative, to which he replies that he doesn’t know. Damon panics after learning that Ricky has slept with over 50 different people, and he meets up with Pray Tell, Ricky and Lil Papi to have an HIV test. Days later, Ricky finds out that he is negative and he promises Damon that he will practice safe sex.

‘Pose’ Showrunner Steven Canals Said That They Are Past the ‘Honeymoon Phase’

Pose showrunner Steven Canals also told Entertainment Weekly that the couple will deal with the reality of moving past the “honeymoon phase” from season one.”I think with Ricky and Damon, this season we’re exploring what happens once you move past the honeymoon period,” he explained. “Specifically, moving past the honeymoon period when you’re in your early 20s. Because it’s one thing if you are an adult and you’ve sort of been around the block a few times and you’re ready to settle down.”

Canals also teased the possibility that Ricky or Damon will have an affair while they’re apart. “But here you have these two young men who still have a lot to accomplish and occasionally may have a wandering eye,” he added. “So, what happens when some of the spark and the excitement has gone but you still feel committed to this person?”

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