Scott Davey Girlfriend: Is the Love After Lockup Star Dating Anyone?

Scott Davey, Love After Lockup

Instagram Scott Davey, star of WE tv's hit reality series "Love After Lockup," hasn't had much luck with dating since he and Lizzie Kommes broke up.

Scott Davey, star of WE tv’s hit reality series Love After Lockup, doesn’t appear to be dating anybody at this time, although it’s not from lack of trying. The reality star has reached out to women online since he and ex-girlfriend Lizzie Kommes broke up a few months ago, but it doesn’t look like he’s had much luck.

Here’s everything we know about his love life at the moment:

He & Kommes Split Up Because He Was Allegedly Dating Another Woman Named Jasmine at the Same Time

Love After Lockup

InstagramAre Lizzie and Scott from Love After Lockup still together amid rumors that Scott was cheating on Lizzie? Read on for more information about the rumored affair.

When he and Kommes split up, Kommes claimed Davey was actually dating a woman in California named Jasmine while he was still dating Kommes. The entire situation blew up on social media, with Kommes claiming Davey never told her about Jasmine, and Davey claiming Jasmine was just a scammer trying to extort money from him and that she wasn’t really his girlfriend. He also said she was deliberately trying to break him and Kommes up.

However, Kommes told fans that the girl she had seen on Davey’s Instagram stories a few months ago (which caused some serious issues between the two) turned out to be Jasmine. You can read screenshots of her Instagram posts here.

He Was Dating While Life After Lockup Was Being Filmed

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In the promo for tonight’s premiere of Life After Lockup, it appears that Davey did have some sort of live-in girlfriend while the season was being filmed, who Kommes is clearly not a fan of (despite the fact that she and Davey are no longer together).

In a clip on the video above, a woman (could it be Jasmine?) tells Davey that she doesn’t want him to talk about his ex anymore. The camera cuts to Kommes, who admits that she still has feelings for Davey.

When Kommes knocks on Davey’s front door, a woman answers and Kommes questions why she is answering his door. There is an uncomfortable clip of Davey naked, holding something over his privates and saying he has a “surprise” for whichever woman he is talking to, and another scene shows Kommes slapping Davey in the face for cheating on her.

So, we know that Davey was at least dating while Life After Lockup was being filmed, but at this time it doesn’t appear he is seeing anybody.

A Mystery Woman Popped up on His Instagram Account Last Month

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A post shared by scott davey (@scottloveafterlockup) on May 19, 2019 at 12:52am PDT

Following his split with Kommes (and, apparently, Jasmine) Davey remained single, although there was a mystery woman that popped up on his Instagram (see below), who Davey claimed was just a friend who wanted to model swimsuits that he was selling.

“I’m sorry that people think like that,” he wrote in the comments. “I brought up me and my partner are going to be stealing women’s swimwear…. She’s going to be the model… And that girl about My penises grow up.” (We aren’t sure what that last part was meant to say or why he said it).

Fans didn’t buy it and accused the young woman of using Davey as a sugar-daddy, but he insisted she was just helping him with his business venture of selling affordable swimwear. A few days later, Davey came under fire for allegedly showing a woman his penis online, so Davey was definitely not having any luck with the ladies.

He Doesn’t Appear to be Dating Anybody Else at the Moment

He has made it known that he is single, but it doesn’t look like he’s found “the one” just yet. Recently, Davey also offered to give women online one hundred dollars, according to SoapDirt. It’s unclear what exactly he was going to pay them for, but he offered money all the same. Before that, he publicly asked if any women in the California area wanted to go on a cruise with him.

These days, Davey appears to be focusing on his swimsuit business, and periodically updates fans on how things are going with his new company. It doesn’t look like he is dating anybody publicly at the moment, although he has mentioned that he went on a “really strange” date with a woman, but didn’t elaborate further than that.

Tune in tonight at 9/8c to catch the premiere of the Love After Lockup spinoff, titled Life After Lockup, only on WE tv.

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