Tallulah Willis Boyfriend: Is the TV Star Dating Anyone?

Tallulah Willis

Getty Tallulah Willis at the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis.

Tallulah Willis is co-hosting the MTV series Catfish. She has been dating Morgan MacDonald for several years, and there have even been rumors that the couple secretly got married. Read on to learn more about Tallulah and her relationship with Morgan.

In October 2016, Tallulah posted a video of Morgan and her sister playing instruments on Instagram with the caption, “husband and sister making sweet sound. The family band is really coming together.” The video led to speculation that the couple had tied the knot in secret, and paparazzi shots of them walking in Los Angeles showed that Tallulah was sporting a plain gold band on her finger. Despite the speculation, however, Tallulah and Morgan have not confirmed whether they are married.

Tallulah Has Been Dating Boyfriend Morgan MacDonald for Several Years

Tallulah Willis sister and husband sings CherDid Tallulah Willis get married to her beau Morgan MacDonald? She slipped up on Instagram, if the rumor ends up being true. As it stands Tallulah and Morgan secretly got married. Congrats to Tallulah Willis + Morgan MacDonald married2016-10-19T04:41:09.000Z

Prior to her current relationship, Tallulah was romantically linked to Lucas Vercetti. The latter friended Tallulah on Facebook in February 2012, and by March 14 his relationship status was changed to “in a relationship.” According to Radar Online, the pair were seen kissing each other in public, and and Tallulah’s profile picture on Facebook was a shot of the two of them together. The couple split up sometime in 2013.

Lucas is a musician who previously was a member of the band Stone Cold and the rap collective OFWGKTA headed by Tyler, The Creator. While Lucas didn’t rap, he did manage the Odd Future’s store in Los Angeles and appeared in several of the group’s music videos. His likeness was used as the artwork for their album The OF Tape, Vol. 2.

She Previously Dated Odd Future Affiliate Lucas Vercetti

Tallulah has been forthcoming about her issues with substance abuse in the past, and how her family’s fame made it difficult to make romantic connections with people. “In high school I continually searched for something that would make me feel OK. I felt like I had to dress really skanky and be the loud, stupid drunk girl at the party,” she told Teen Vogue. “I figured people would like that, and I was beating them to the punch.”

“Then I started to get boobs, and that’s when my eating disorder really sparked. I began starving myself. I was trying to become the super quiet girl who smoked a lot of weed and was really skinny and serious,” Tallulah continued. “In the same way I used substances, I used shopping and even social media for vapid validation. I would dye my hair and get a tattoo or piercing. There was always something that I believed would fix things, some way I could avoid being myself.”

During an interview with Catfish creator Nev Schulman, the artist said that the show’s respectful handling of people’s emotions was what drew her to it. “Immediately what I liked about the show, was there was an effort to be respectful,” she explained. “You didn’t look down on people who were actually in pain. And I always really appreciated that.”

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