Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Album: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift - 'Lover' album cover

During a live Instagram chat on Thursday, Taylor Swift announced huge news. Not only did she tell her 118 million Instagram followers that her next single, “You Need To Calm Down,” will be released on Thursday night at midnight ET, she announced that her upcoming album, entitled “Lover,” will be released on August 23.

During the live chat Swift announced, “There’s a lot I’ve been so excited about for so long and I wanted for the right time to tell you things. I’ve been so honored by your dedication to discovering Easter eggs… the fact that you care about it, still astonishes me. So, thank you for that. And you’re also really good about it. You’re correct about most of it!”

With so much new and exciting news for Swift Nation, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about the 29-year-old’s upcoming seventh studio album…

1. The Second Single from ‘Lover’ Will Be Released June 14 at Midnight ET

Swift announced the first single coming from her seventh album is entitled “You Need to Calm Down.” The first was her duet with Brandon Urie entitled “Me!” The music video for the song “You Need to Calm Down” will be released on June 17.

2. The Album Will Consist of 18 Songs

This is the most amount of songs Swift has even had in one album. It’s already available for pre-sale on iTunes. New merchandise reflecting the new album’s art and design is already for sale on her website here.

3. The Cover Was Designed By Stella McCartney

There will be four different versions of the album available at Target in collaboration with designer Stella McCartney. In addition to the 18 tracks, the special deluxe albums will include two audio journal recordings.

4. All the Fan Math Was Correct

During the live Instagram chat, Swift was not only gracious for her fans, she was admittedly impressed at their ability to decode her Easter egg clues. Not only did Swift Nation accurately guess her album release date, the were album to guess the date such an announcement would come.

5. ‘Lover’ May Include a Duet With Katy Perry

MTV via TwitterKaty Perry and Taylor Swift

Because Swift already revealed so much major news today, do not be quick to  count out the fact that she likely has even more surprises in store. And one big reveal in the next coming months may be that she and former rival Katy Perry, who recently killed all their bad blood over a freshly baked plate of cookies, are releasing a collaboration.
It appears the two artists buried the hatchet by baking a plate of chocolate chip cookies together, a photo of which Perry posted on her Instagram, geo-tagged the post at “Let’s Be Friends,” and captioned the picture “feels good” with an orange heart emoji.

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