‘The 100″ Season 6 Episode 6: What Does Memento Mori Mean?

Memento Mori The 100

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The most recent episode of The 100 was called “Memento Mori.” What exactly does this title mean? This post will have major spoilers for the latest episode of The 100, Season 6 Episode 6. 

Memento Mori is a noun meaning that an object serves as a warning or a reminder of death. An example of this might be a skull.

This is clearly linked to the Sanctum Primes, who have all found a way to become eternal and live forever. Josephine is getting Murphy to work on her side with the promise that he too will be able to upload his mind onto the mind drive and live forever. (It’s up for debate whether Murphy is truly working with Josephine or just playing her until they can figure out how to free Clarke.)

In fact, the idea of death and whether or not it is truly inevitable permeated the entire episode. There was the scene where Josephine convinced Abby to teach the Primes how to create more Nightbloods so that Kane’s mind could be uploaded to a drive and he might have a chance to live beyond his body.

Then there was the moment when Bellamy and the rest of the crew had to accept the fact that Clarke was dead. They had to give up on the idea of revenge so that the rest of the group could have a chance to live.

But Madi is having none of that agreement. She is bent on revenge with the help of the Dark Commander, and she’s on the path to becoming a new Wanheda. She wants to kill the Primes – reminding them ultimately that they too can still die.

In fact, this idea that the Primes are not free from the inevitability of death was demonstrated when Josephine wiped her enemy Primes’ drives. Even though they’ve found a key to immortality, it isn’t true immortality. They too can still die and all of them one day will. Josephine acts like she’s immortal, but she can be killed too.

And just as the inevitability of death is pushed, it’s also questioned. Clarke is presumed dead, but we discovered that she is actually still alive but trapped in Josephine’s mind. So death is not quite as inevitable as it might seem.

Interestingly, a traditional Memento Mori is a skull. In the Primes’ room, we see many skeletons of the original Primes, a constant reminder that everyone will ultimately die, and this includes the “immortal” Primes.

So yes, Memento Mori was a theme permeating this episode, both in its inability to truly be denied and in Clarke’s ultimate fight against death.

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