Who Gets Eliminated on ‘The Amazing Race’ Tonight? 6/5

The Amazing Race 31 Cast

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We are nearing the end of The Amazing Race season 31, and there are still several teams left. Tonight saw Rachel and Elissa get eliminated after they finished in last place, behind Nicole and Victor, and Leo and Jamal.

Tonight’s episode was titled “You’re the Apple of My Eye”, and saw the teams take to the waters of Lake Brienz. For the first time in Amazing Race history, each team was able to cast a vote as to who should get the U-Turn. Colin and Christie got the U-Turn, but that didn’t slow them down and they were able to finish in third place.

Rachel & Elissa  Were Eliminated During Tonight’s Episode

Of the seven teams that remain, four of them are Amazing Race alumni, two of them are Big Brother alumni, and one appeared on Survivor. According to GoldDerby, it is the latter team, made up of Rachel and Elissa, who are the most likely to be eliminated tonight. The team previously clashed with Nicole and Victor when they tried to warn them that another team planned to U-Turn them. Nicole and Victor didn’t believe them, and the friction carried over into the episode seven challenge.

“There are people we are close to at this point in the race, like really close to, that we spend our free time with at the airport, which could be six to eight hours, on the plane, which could be 14 hours,” Nicole told GoldDerby. “And Rachel and Elissa are not one of the teams we spent any time with; therefore, we didn’t have a relationship. I think Elissa said at the mat, ‘Nicole liked my Instagram photos and we are friends.’ I’d never met her before in my entire life. And liking someone’s Instagram photos — she would like mine, I would like hers. I don’t owe you anything for that. Up to this point, there was no foundational relationship.”

There Are 6 Teams Remaining Heading Into the Penultimate Episode

“The story kept changing and that’s why we distrusted them,” Victor added. “First was they overhead, but there was no other teams there. But then it was other teams there. The other teams appear to be in a much better place than Rachel and Elissa. The Afghanimals and Team Fun have been really strong over the course of this season, and neither have shown signs of slowing down. Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl have also proven themselves, as they’ve won the last couple legs.

Tyler told International Business Times that the U-Turn vote added a unique element to the race, and that fans should be ready to expect the unexpected. “I think especially with a cast of people who are a little bit more used to voting against each other, it was something that I… I surely didn’t expect it,” he explained. “I didn’t think for one second that it was going to be a part of the race. So we’ll see…it is a moment.”

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