What Happened on ‘The Bachelorette’ Tonight? 6/11

The Bachelorette 2019 Contestants


The Bachelorette continues tonight on ABC. The reality competition has already had plenty of drama, but episode 5 promises the conclusion of the Luke Stone and Luke Parker feud, as well as some unexpected eliminations by Hannah Brown. We are providing key SPOILERS for episode 5 below.

The episode starts out by rehashing the conflict between contestants Stone and Parker during the episode 4 group date. Stone calls out Parker for his actions during the rugby match, and accuses him of trying to physical injure him in order to eliminate him from the competition. He snapped, calling Parker a “lying and manipulative piece of sh*t” and warning the other guys that he will “do anything to screw [them] over.”

3 Contestants Are Sent Home During Episode 5 Including Luke Stone

Stone tries to appeal to Hannah, but he recoils when he feels that she’s taking Parker’s side. He accuses both of them of not listening to what he’s saying. “You misinterpreted that situation completely! It makes me so angry that I had to sit in there with a woman that I really really like and defend myself over some garbage fed to her by some psychopath,” he yells. I never wanna see you again in my life.” Stone then storms off the quits the show, removing himself from contention.

After the shocking turn of events, Hannah holds a rose ceremony where Matteo Valles and John Paul Jones are eliminated. They join the aforementioned Stone as the contestants who must pack their bags and head home tonight. Hannah and the remaining contestants then travel from Rhode Island to Scotland. Once they’ve arrived, Hannah chooses to go on two one-on-one dates with Luke Parker and Mike Johnson.

Luke Parker & Mike Johnson Are Given Roses During Their One-on-One Dates with Hannah

Hannah and Luke Parker go to the Hootananny, a live music bar in Inverness, U.K. Despite Luke’s rocky relationship with the other contestants, and his outbursts with Hannah, he manages to charm her and show a different side of himself. Hannah awards him a rose and a free pass through to next week’s episode.

Hannah instantly hits it off with Mike, as their date consists of traveling around Scotland. She gushes about him to the camera, saying that he’s a perfect fit for her. “Mike couldn’t stop smiling when I called him to come with me,” she reveals. “Mike’s fun, funny and very handsome.”Hannah also compliments Mike on his willingness to travel; something she’s looking for in a romantic partner. “I love that he’s adventurous,” she explains. “I know the man that I want to be with is going to want to explore the world and I want to be a part of that.” Mike also gets a rose and a free pass to next week’s episode.

Once the one-on-one dates wrap up, the episode unveils its group date. compete in the “Bachelorette Highland Games,” which sees Hannah engage each contestant in flirtatious banter and some deeper conversations. While contestant Jed Wyatt ran into some trouble last week when he claimed that he came on The Bachelorette to promote his music career, he manages to pull out a surprising victory and is given the group date rose.

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