Who is Tori in ‘Big Little Lies’?


We may have only seen a little bit of her in the season 2 premiere of Big Little Lies, but the character of Tori could mean major drama for Ed and Madeline.

During last week’s episode, Ed ran into Tori Bachman at the grocery store. She told him that she had just gotten her breasts done and said it was a good way to keep people from looking at her nose.

For those of you who need a bit of a refresher, Tori is married to Joseph– the man that Maddie is having an affair with. Based on what we saw last season, Tori definitely knows something is up with Maddie and her husband, and that’s made all the more clear in the episode “Burning Love”, when Tori asks Maddie, “Is it you? Are you the woman Joseph is in love with?”

So why the awkward run-in with Ed? Is Tori messing with him? Or is she trying to befriend him so they can do some digging on their significant others? Will they end up together? Fans of Ed argue he’d never stoop to that level, even after what Maddie did to him, but there’s no telling what jealousy will do to a person.

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Tori is played by actress Sarah Sokoloviv. She has appeared in shows like MacGuyver, Code Black, Timeless, and a number of short films, including Dinner Party, Dead Water, and The Iron Warehouse. She even appeared as Laura Sutton in a number of episodes of Homeland in 2015.

The Twittersphere certainly decided to weigh in on the Ed/Tori situation last week. Check out some fans tweets below.

Madeline clearly feels guilt over her Season 1 affair with Joseph, her collaborator and the director of the local theater production of Avenue Q. Madeline has said time and time again that she loves her husband, Adam Scott, and that the affair was a “release”. She even explained as much to her daughter. But when Madeline and Joseph crash a car, and Joseph needs to go to the hospital, Tori becomes curious about why they were in the car together. And that’s where we left off with Tori.

Is she trying to get revenge on her husband? Is she interested in Ed?

Be sure to tune in tonight at 9pm ET/PT to find out.