Was Black Mirror’s Miley Cyrus Episode Based on Her Real Life?

Miley Cyrus

Getty Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus plays a character on Black Mirror with an interesting family life. But is there any connection between the role she played on “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too” and her real-life experiences? This post will have major spoilers for the Miley Cyrus episode of Black Mirror

The episode of Black Mirror called “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too” was not based on Miley Cyrus’s family, although she said that she can relate to the struggles reflected in the episode. The episode was written by Charlie Brooker (as are all of the Black Mirror episodes to date but one.)

But even though the episode isn’t based on Cyrus’s family, it is inspired by the struggles that female musicians face and it does reflect the real-life music industry itself, BBC News shared.

“This is the story of females in the music industry,” Cyrus said.

In fact, the episode does take a “deep dive” into Cyrus’s life, even though it doesn’t reflect her experiences with her family, BBC noted. She said her family is very supportive of her music and keeps her love for music alive.

Cyrus said that it’s tough for females in the industry to be taken seriously. There’s an assumption, she said, that a female singer won’t be successful if they’re not singing pop music and wearing a body suit.

Just this past week, while out with her husband Liam Hemsworth in Spain, a fan grabbed Cyrus by the hair and kissed her.

Miley Cyrus has made some changes in her musical career that were at odds with the music industry, and could reflect the changes her character Ashley also went through.

After she first signed with Larry Rudolph in 2013, her producer Ernest Tuo Clark hinted that her new album was going to be a big change for fans. Her 2010 album didn’t get great reviews. A video that she first released was “too scandalous” for some of her fans from her Disney days. But she had to grow up, and her managers supported that. Tuo said at the time about her new album release: “I can say it’s definitely going to shock a lot of people; definitely grown up. It’s natural; it’s not her trying to do like pop, four on the floor. … I have to say, like, it’s different. From the song that we did, the couple of records we did, it’s totally different; even the stuff we heard Pharrell do, it’s like a twist. It’s, like, something that’s new. … It’s definitely creative… she definitely knows what she wants.”

Her independence continued from there. In 2015 she was working on two albums and wanted to release one at no charge. Her manager even confirmed she was ready to end her contract with RCA Records if they didn’t let her do what she wanted.

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