Whitney Moore: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Whitney Moore Instagram

Instagram/Whitney Moore Whitney Moore pictured on her Instagram page.

Whitney Moore was director Max Landis’ girlfriend. In June 2019, she made allegations of abuse against him in an Instagram post. Landis is the son of celebrated movie director John Landis.

Moore, 29, is not the first person to make allegations against the director. In December 2017, YouTuber Anna Akana accused Landis of sexual assault. While MAD Magazine editor Allie Goertz was quoted as saying that “a famous director’s son” was likely to be scared of potential allegations ins a “post-Harvey Weinstein world.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Moore Described Landis’ Treatment as ‘Inhumane’ & ‘Horrific’

Whitney Moore Instagram page

Instagram/Whitney Moore

In her lengthy Instagram post, Moore wrote that she “never thought I would say anything publicly about the things Max Landis did to me because I believed that forgiveness was the correct way to heal.” Moore goes on to say that she thought it made her a good person to stay quiet about the situation but now she knows “that this was a lie; he never got any better. He hid behind his friendship with me and several other good people so he could continue hurting people behind closed doors and not be questioned.”

Although Moore did not go into explicit details about what happened between her and Landis she did say that there was “more to come” and that those details would be released “anonymously because the things he did to me are too humiliating for me to feel ok having my name attached to them.” Perhaps most hauntingly, Moore said that Landis was “not a safe person to be around.”

2. Moore Is an Aspiring Actress Who Largely Appeared in Indie Movies & Web Series

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According to Moore’s IMDb page, she is an aspiring actress who has largely appeared in independent movies and web series. Moore, a native of Santa Clara, California, had a recurring role in the 2019 YouTube series, “Vampire: The Masquerade: L.A. By Night.”

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In 2019, Moore is also due to star in the movie “Girl Games” alongside Japanese-American actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Julia Roberts’ brother Eric Roberts. Moore’s IMDb credits indicate that her acting career began in 2009.

3. Moore Has Been Engaged to Producer Jesse McKeil Since 2018

Whitney Moore jesse McKeil

Instagram/Jesse McKeilWhitney Moore pictured with her fiance Jesse McKeil.

Moore said in a May 2019 Instagram post that she was celebrating one year of being engaged to producer Jesse McKeil. Moore wrote that the pair had been designing her engagement ring for months prior to McKeil popping the question on a park bench overlooking the ocean. Moore adds that the pair are due to be married in October 2019.

According to McKeil’s LinkedIn page, he is a senior producer with Skybound Entertainment. Skybound is the company behind “The Walking Dead” comic book series. McKeil has previously worked for a variety of comic book and digital production companies. McKeil is a graduate of Columbia College-Hollywood where he studied fine arts and film/TV. He graduated Magna Cum Laude.

4. Jesse McKeil Called Landis a ‘One Time Friend’ in Responding to Moore’s Allegations

Whitney Moore Jesse McKEIL

Instagram/Jesse McKeil

In a series of tweets following Moore’s painful admission, McKeil said that was “humbled to have heard the many horrific stories of abuse from the brave women in my life who are his victims, and seeing how they line up with my memory of those times is truly haunting. I vouch for these women that what they say is true, and I stand in support of them.”

McKeil said that he was a witness to some of Landis’ alleged behavior, the producer refers to him as a “one time friend.” The last tweet read, “I believe that justice is found in the ways we try to save wrongdoers, but after almost ten years of telling myself “he’s working on getting better” while Max left scars on the hearts of people I love and so many others I’d never met, it is time that I say “enough is enough”…”

5. Moore Said Before That She ‘Immediately Self-Critical’ When She Sees Herself on Screen

Whitney Moore Octavia Spencer

Instagram/Whitney MooreMoore pictured with Octavia Spencer in May 2019.

In a 2018 interview with First Comics News, Moore said that she is usually “immediately self-critical” upon seeing herself on screen. Although Moore adds, “Mostly now I just remember how much fun I had on set!”

During that same interview, Moore said that she had studied acting in San Francisco and in Los Angeles and at the time, she was studying with Greg Berger. When asked what she did in her spare time, Moore said, “Lately I’ve been reading a lot of plays and playing Skyrim.” The interview concludes with Moore stelling her fans, “Your kind words are always so appreciated and inspiring, and I love hearing about the projects you are working on. Listen to metal and be a good person.”

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