Who Took Rick? Clues About CRM from ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 5 Episode 5

Who Took Rick?


In the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Season 5 Episode 5, we get a lot more clues about who took Rick and who Al is dealing with. Here is what we know so far about where Rick is from the latest episode. This post will have major spoilers for Season 5 Episode 5 of Fear the Walking Dead, along with spoilers through episodes that have aired of The Walking Dead. 

Most fans of the show refer to the group that took Rick (and who took Al) as CRM based on the stamps on the papers that Al found in that one heavily armored person who was killed by rebar.


After today’s episode, we’re getting a lot more clues about the group that took Rick.

They’re apparently pretty far ahead technology-wise. Their members wear heavy armor that walkers can’t bite through, but it’s easy to move in, so they have the infrastructure in place to create these uniforms.

They have access to heavy-duty helicopters and the means to refuel them. They also have a lot of team members, and can send more people to help or full teams to perform “reclamation” on areas where word about the group might have gotten out.

They believe they are working for the future of humanity, and that goal takes precedence over absolutely everything else.

They are dead serious about not letting the word of the group spread to anyone else. Al’s captor in this episode, whom we learn at the end is named Isabelle, killed her own partner and friend when he wanted to abandon their mission. This was simply to keep him from possibly spreading the word about the group. She would also have been expected to kill Al for the same reason.

Isabelle and her partner were sent to the area to purify the water. She said that they are focused on humanity’s future survival, not the present or the past.

So this group is smart, put-together, deadly, and focused on helping humanity survive.

Here are some more photos from that video Al took that Isabelle wanted to destroy:





I find their intense need for secrecy interesting and in conflict a bit with what we saw in The Walking Dead. Jadis was obviously affiliated with the group, but she didn’t seem as intent on the whole secrecy thing as Isabelle was. She told Gabrielle a little about the group (not much) and she didn’t insist on killing him when she didn’t take Gabrielle.

From Jadis’s interactions with the CRM group, we learned a little more about them. One of her radio conversations included the following:

Jadis: I know you’re in range. I saw the helicopter last night.

Man on radio: What do you have? An A or a B?

Jadis: Is it you? Did you take them?

Man: No pickups. But the deal still stands. Will you have an A or a B.

Jadis: Neither. It’s just me. I paid my share.

Man: You’ve been compensated.

Jadis: What will it take?

Man: An A.

Jadis needed to find an “A” in order to be taken into their group. When she asked Gabriel to help, she referred to this as “another place…far from here, but if we go together we can get there… we can have a life like you can’t imagine.” After Gabriel refused to come with her, she knocked him out. “Funny, I always thought you were a B,” she said, implying that he’s actually an A.

Jadis later referred to Rick as a “B” when telling the helicopter people that she needed their help. So exactly what A and B mean for that group is very confusing.

We know for certain that the group interacting with Al this season on Fear is the SAME group that took Rick and that Jadis was interacting with on The Walking Dead. This is because the helicopter has the same symbol.

Here’s a closer look at the helicopter that Alicia saw at the end of Fear, from the group that took Al.




Here is the Rick scene again on The Walking Dead.

VideoVideo related to who took rick? clues about crm from ‘fear the walking dead’ season 5 episode 52019-06-30T21:30:34-04:00

And here are photos of that helicopter.




Now here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two helicopters. On the left is the helicopter we just saw on Fear and on the right is the helicopter that took Rick on The Walking Dead.

AMCThe two helos.

Without a doubt, it’s the same group in both photos. CRM took Rick and is also heavily involved in the area where the Fear gang is in Season 5.

Some viewers think CRM is actually the Commonwealth as seen in the comics. They have 50,000 people and are more advanced than any of the current groups we’ve seen. They’ve had a huge role in the comics that we won’t spoil here, and they’re definitely a force to be reckoned with.

The Commonwealth hasn’t been officially introduced yet on either TV series, although they are in the comics. It was never verified if Georgie from The Walking Dead (the one who gave Maggie the blueprints) was with the Commonwealth, but that’s a favorite fan theory. Some fans think Georgie might be the TV version of Pamela Milton from the comics. (Read more about that storyline in Heavy’s story here.) Others think that Georgie’s story is completely different and not related to the Commonwealth (or its a warring faction.) Maggie is with Georgie’s group now and hasn’t been seen for quite some time on the show.

At the end of Season 9 on The Walking Dead, a woman was heard calling on the radio asking “Is anybody out there?” Some fans think she’s from CRM too, others think she’s from the Commonwealth. And some fans think both groups are one and the same.

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