Why Is ‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 Only Three Episodes Long? Are More Episodes Coming?

Black Mirror Season 5

Netflix Black Mirror

When the long-awaited Black Mirror Season 5 releases, fans will be a bit confused. Black Mirror is typically six episodes long per season, but only three episodes are listed on Netflix. Are you missing any episodes? Will more episodes be added?

Unfortunately, more episodes for Season 5 are not coming to Netflix. We won’t see any more of Black Mirror until the next season. This season’s Black Mirror is, indeed, only three episodes long.

The season is shorter because of Black Mirror‘s Bandersnatch movie, which was originally going to be part of Season 5 rather than a standalone movie, Charlie Brooker told Digital Spy. (In fact, one episode of Season 5 was already shot before they started filming Bandersnatch.) But over time, Bandersnatch felt like a season all by itself. There were also concerns that it wouldn’t be accessible on all devices like regular Black Mirror episodes, so it needed to be a standalone piece on Netflix.

Bandersnatch had a runtime of about 90 minutes, but the film is much longer when you consider all the extra content included in the movie. Brooker said the effort that went into making Bandersnatch was the equivalent to making four episodes of Black Mirror simultaneously. So in a way, Season 5 was seven episodes long if you include all the time and effort that went into making Bandersnatch.

Still, fans aren’t too happy about the season only being three episodes long.

The ultimate decision was whether to try to include more episodes in Season 5 but push back the release date even more or just go ahead and release a three-episode season. They opted for three episodes so they could release Season 5 now.

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