‘Yellowstone’ Season 1 Recap: Refresh Your Memory Before the Show’s Season 2 Premiere

Yellowstone Season 2


Season 2 of Yellowstone is about to begin, but you might need a quick recap of where we left off with Season 1. Here’s a look at what happened in the Season 1 finale. Things weren’t going so well for the Dutton family, as John faced a serious cancer threat that seemed more serious than he let his family know. Meanwhile, his legacy is threatened all around him.

John Dutton (Kevin Costner) seemed to be planning his death as Season 1 came to a close, and it had many fans worried that he wouldn’t return. But thankfully, he’s back on the show this season.

Dutton was throwing up blood a couple episodes before the finale from a serious cancer diagnosis, and he and Rip had a mysterious conversation about how much longer he had. He made Beth put the ranch in a trust and promise not to sell it, and they shared a sweet, loving moment at the end of the finale.

Kayce and Monica were broken up at the end of the season. Monica had been beaten by a student and was struggling to recover. She took Tate away and was staying with her grandparents.

Sarah, an investigative journalist, was researching John and the Dutton family. She struck a deal with Jamie that he would come forward about his family, while running for attorney general, so he could get ahead of the story.

John Dutton disowned Jamie because of his decision to run for office. And Jamie and his assistant Christina got a lot closer in Season 1.

Sheriff Donnie seemed to be trying to set up Rip after he shot a bear in self defense, and John thinks someone’s paying Donnie off. Later in the finale, Donnie announced that he’s not pressing charges after someone pulled a knife on Kayce and Kayce took things too far. John warned Donnie not to trust Jenkins, and said Donnie didn’t have the stomach to make problems go away like he used to.

John was also asked to step down as livestock commissioner because he violated federal law and several civil suits were filed against him, not to mention the EPA investigating his rerouting of the river. Of course, John refused.

Jimmy was still being Jimmy, falling off horses and stuff. Rip and Beth had issues and their romance wasn’t going so well. But Beth and Walker had a love connection of sorts. Meanwhile, Rip brought on Avery as a new groomer, and she’s a hit so far with the group after overcoming some initial awkwardness.

Rainwater and Jenkins continued their plans, with Rainwater committing to a 400-room hotel to go along with the casino, which will all be “right up against” the Dutton ranch’s fence. But later in the episode, Jenkins is kidnapped by Rip and Kayce. Jenkins admitted to faking land prices and running up property taxes to drive people off the land. He threatened that John only had two choices: sell or lose the land. That’s when Kayce killed Jenkins, leaving him hanging after pushing a horse out from under him. That scene was INSANE.

So as you can see, the finale was crazy for Season 1. There’s no telling what Season 2 will bring.