Zoe Kravitz’s ‘Big Little Lies’ 2 Character Spoilers

Getty Zoe Kravitz attends the premiere of HBO's "Big Little Lies."

Zoe Kravitz returns as Bonnie Carlson on Big Little Lies. The character played a crucial part in the first season, and now she will have to contend with a whole new set of challenges and emotional twists. Read on to learn more about Bonnie and the spoilers that we know about the second season.

According to Deadline, Bonnie will “struggle” to deal with the aftermath of Perry Wright’s death and is “forced to face demons in her past.” During the first couple of episodes, she appears to be the only one outwardly dealing with her involvement in Perry’s death. “I killed someone, remember?” she says during the premiere. “That’s heavy.”

Bonnie Will Struggle With the Guilt of Perry Wright’s Death In Season 2

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Bonnie’s husband Nathan (James Tupper) makes it clear that he’s concerned for her mental health, so he calls on her mother (Crystal Fox) to come help her. The Huffington Post reports that the arrival of Bonnie’s mother only raises more questions about her past, however. “You are out here surrounded by people who don’t even get you,” her mom tells her. “They don’t look like you. I haven’t seen one other black person since I’ve been out here. Is that why you’re here? Because we all know how fond you are of your walls.”

David E. Kelley, the show’s primary writer, told the Hollywood Reporter that Bonnie was one of the characters he was most eager to develop in season two. “There was so much more to tell with the characters, especially with Bonnie,” he revealed. “We only hinted about who Bonnie was. We had not mined where she came from and what led to the big push at the end of year one.”

Bonnie’s Parents Will Also Be Introduced During the 2nd Episode

In the novel that the show is based on, Bonnie turns herself in after Perry’s death. Despite all the women saying they’ll protect her, she’s found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to 200 hours of community service. It’s very possible that this arc will take place during season two, or that Kelley and Kravitz will collaborate to do something with a similarly emotional impact.

Kravitz told Bazaar that acting on Big Little Lies is a pleasure, and that the production offers a very friendly environment. “Our crew right now, on Big Little Lies, is great. There are so many women on our set—it’s so cool,” she said. “I feel a different kind of energy, this feminine energy. Not only because the cast is dominated by women, but also because props and costume and grips and lighting and camera operators are too. My experience doing all my emotional scenes, I’ve never felt so safe and supported. It’s really allowing me to go to a deeper place.”

The actress also said that she was surprised by how successful the show has become. “I knew that it touched on some really important things, and that it was a nice mix of parenting and female friendship, and also that it incorporated real issues and dealt with domestic violence in a way that had never really been done before,” she said. “The excitement can be turned into pressure for it to be great. But that also creates motivation.”

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