America’s Got Talent 2019: Winner Predictions So Far

America's Got Talent 2019 Winners

Photo by: NBCUniversal

America’s Got Talent continues its latest season on NBC. The series has presented several notable contestants thus far, but tonight, the judges will begin making cuts and sending people home. But which contestants are favored to make it to the finale? Who are the season frontrunners?

Luke Islam was the most recent contestant to win the Golden Buzzer, and his momentum is continuing to skyrocket. The 12-year-old sang “She Used to Be Mine” from The Waitress, and stunned the judges with his impassioned vocals. “Not only are you going to become a star, and not only get your dream to come true … I don’t think you need to wait much longer,” said Julianne Hough.

Luke Islam Has Become a Frontrunner After His Impressive Vocal Performance

Luke talked about his audition experience, and how it was “unreal” to receive the Golden Buzzer. “When I saw my family after they were very proud of me and they gave me hugs and [there were] a lot of tears. My dad usually doesn’t cry.” he told GoldDerby. “It’s very, very cool to just see so many talented people on TV. I thought maybe one of those people could be me, so I just decided to audition and look what happened.”

Luke also told Meaww that he aspires to become a Broadway performer. “I love the audience, I love the crowd. I love the stage, the props, the costumes–I would want to be up there,” he explained during a pre-audition interview. “My dream is to become a star and make it to Broadway. All my life, I have been thinking of being on Broadway, and I love it so much, and I think America’s Got Talent is the next way to achieve that goal.” We predict that Luke has the right combination of talent and charisma to take the season 14 title!

Tyler Butler-Figueroa Wowed the Judges with His Musicianship & His Backstory

Another performer that could win season 14 is Tyler Butler-Figueroa. He provided some of the most emotional moments we’ve seen thus far, especially during his exchange with Simon Cowell. Upon learning that Tyler was bullied for his leukemia diagnosis, Cowell asked how he felt. “I’m feeling really proud of myself,” the 11-year-old responded. The judge then told the young musician that he wanted to “say something to his bullies” and pressed the golden buzzer.

Afterwards, Cowell praised Tyler for his courage. “You are an extraordinary young man,” he said. “We hear too many stories about people being bullied. But I can tell you one thing, most people are bullied because they are better than the people who bully them. I think you have such amazing talent, such personality.”

“I had a dream of being on it, but I never thought it would come a reality,” Tyler told WRAL. “I just really like playing the violin. In a pop song, I like to dance and play the violin, and I try and give a show. And if it’s like an emotional song or inspirational, I like to add notes that make it dramatic … so it can make the people cry.”

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