Who Gets Eliminated on The Bachelorette Tonight? 7/1/2019

The Bachelorette Spoilers 2019


Episode 8 of The Bachelorette airs tonight at 8/7c on ABC. After a dramatic week last episode, during which Hannah Brown Hannah took her first one-on-one date bungee jumping, her journey with the remaining men continues in Amsterdam.

The official synopsis for episode 8 reads, “Hannah and a date take a romantic boat trip along Amsterdam’s canals; a bachelor puts his heart on the line, prompting Hannah to make an unexpected decision; the three-on-one date becomes explosive.” Last week, the cast was in Latvia, but tonight’s episode will some unexpected twists.

Beware of spoilers below and STOP READING if you do not want to know what happens and who gets eliminated on episode 8 of The Bachelorette.

According to Reality Steve, none of the remaining contestants were eliminated during tonight’s episode. Hannah couldn’t decide which one to send home so she decided to take all four of them to Greece for overnight dates. Reality Steve has posted stills of Hannah going on dates with each of them, and even some video of her and Jed walking around a market square in Knoxville.

that much of the drama comes from Luke Parker. He voices his dislike for Garrett, and also confronts Peter for calling him out in a previous episode. As we approach Hometown Dates, it looks like Luke will either have to tone down his temper or risk getting the boot before the season’s end.

No Contestants Get Sent Home During Tonight’s Episode

Luke’s confrontational attitude tonight comes on the heels of his reaction to Hannah’s recent bungee-jumping adventure. He said he was shocked by Hannah’s story, and felt that she “disrespected” him and “slapped” him in the face by being naked around Garrett. Reality Steve reports that Luke gets sent home during a future episode, which was alluded to in the extended season preview.

Host Chris Harrison recently told Entertainment Tonight that he’s never quite seen a Bachelor villain like Parker, who has controlled much of the drama of the season. “We’ve never had a season where a villain — if you want to call Luke that — has such a prominent role, where they really dominate the landscape and storyline for so long,” he admitted. “Hannah likes Luke P, and the more he gets beat on and she gets beat on, the more defensive and angry she gets.”

Luke P. Continues His Confrontational Attitude Towards Garrett & Pete

“Does that make him good or bad? I don’t know. But the guys just can’t stand him,” Harrison continued. “This is oil and water… but there’s something there driving these guys crazy, because they know Hannah likes him and is defending him, and they think he’s fake and phony and it drives them nuts that they can’t make Hannah see that.”

“Maybe it’s a little immaturity and lack of perspective by some of these young men to realize the more you try and make it about Luke P, the more it becomes about Luke P,” he concluded. “These guys, whether they knew it or not, were the ones really driving the bus towards Luke P.”