Captain Sandy Yawn’s Girlfriend, Leah Shafer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Captain Sandy Yawn’s girlfriend, Leah Shafer, is a gospel singer based in Denver. The “Below Deck Mediterranean” captain said the couple has been “shamed” since going public about their relationship.

Captain Sandy moved from Los Angeles to Denver to be with her girlfriend, she told Bravo.

Sandy Yawn announced their relationship during an interview with Cheat Sheet.

The relationship started with a Facebook message, Yawn told Cheat Sheet. Leah Shafer sent Yawn a Facebook message after seeing the show.

After researching the singer, she thought her voice would be a perfect addition to Sandy Yawn’s “I Believe” tour, an event that includes inspirational speakers.

Leah Shafer is a regular performer on shows including ABC’s “The Singing Bee” and Trinity Broadcasting Network’s international “Praise the Lord” show. The network also featured Shafer on a 30-minute special, “Story of My Life,” her website says. Leah Shafer has also released six CDs.

Leah Shafer also performs the national anthem for Denver Broncos games. KDVR called her the team’s “lucky charm.”

Leah Shafer also performed at the memorial service for Beth Chapman, singing “How Great Thou Art.”

The couple wasn’t expecting to fall in love, but Leah Shafer said she knew they would have a deep connection the first time they met in Los Angeles in November 2018.

“It was definitely unexpected,” Shafer told Cheat Sheet. “It just happened, when you meet another soul that you connect with at such a deep level, it is unexplainable and so beautiful.”

Being a superyacht captain is not usually conducive to a relationship, Yawn told The Daily Dish in a 2018 interview. She was single at the time.

“It’s hard to have a relationship being a yacht captain,” she told Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “And most of my friends that are yacht captains, they’ve divorced or they hook up with people in the industry.”

Yawn is divorced herself. She has a 13-year-old daughter from her previous marriage.

She said in the interview she was looking for someone who “wakes up happy, just is happy to be alive. Like, that’s how I wake up every day of my life.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Sandy Yawn Moved to Denver to Be With Her Girlfriend, Leah Shafer

“I moved here for love,” Captain Sandy Yawn told Cheat Sheet.

The couple met in Los Angeles in November, 2018.

They said they weren’t expecting to fall in love at their first meeting, but immediately felt a connection.

“It was definitely unexpected,” Shafer told Cheat Sheet. “It just happened, when you meet another soul that you connect with at such a deep level, it is unexplainable and so beautiful.”

“And here we are today in a deep, committed relationship,” she added.

Captain Sandy shared a picture of herself with Leah Shafer on the 4th of July with the caption, “I love spending the holiday with my love and my family.”

2. Sandy Yawn’s Girlfriend, Leah Shafer is a Gospel Singer

Leah Shafer is a gospel singer who has released six CDs of religious and patriotic music. Leah Shafer has also performed on ABC’s “The Singing Bee,” Rick Warren’s Fox Easter Special, Toys for Tots Telethon, and Jerry Lewis’ Labor Day Telethon in Las Vegas. She was a three-time winner of Star Search on PaxTV. Leah Shafer is also a regular performer on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s international “Praise the Lord” show, according to her website.

Leah Shafer performed “How Great Thou Art” at the memorial service for Beth Chapman, the reality TV star of “Dog, The Bounty Hunter” who died of cancer.

Shafer shared a video on Instagram of the performance with the caption, “I was so honored to sing in honor of Beth Chapman today. It was beyond a beautiful service !”

Sandy Yawn and Leah Shafer spoke often about the “I Believe” tour after their first meeting. The women are planning a music collaboration in the future.

“It was like a spiritual connection in the beginning,” Shafer told Cheat Sheet. “She has a passion for inspiring through music and the youth and broken people, and so do I, coming from the gospel industry. That’s what brought us together. And then, of course, the attraction and falling in love with a beautiful soul and knowing you want to be with someone forever. I’ve never felt that way before.”

Leah Shafer also advocates for Christian groups including Celebrate Recovery, a Christian addiction recovery program, and enjoys the messages of Jentezen Franklin, Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyers and others, according to her website.

3. Their Relationship Started With a Facebook Message

Sandy Yawn and Leah Shafer’s relationship started with a simple Facebook message which Yawn recalled fondly to Cheat Sheet. The gospel singer came across the TV show and sent Captain Sandy a message.

“She sent me a nice message that said, ‘I came across your show, congratulations, many blessings,’” Yawn said.

She told Cheat Sheet she was struck by the words “many blessings.”

She researched the singer and thought she would be perfect for Captain Sandy’s “I Believe” tour, an event that includes motivational speakers.

“I thought she’d be perfect because her music has a message,” Yawn said.

Leah Shafer shared an Instagram post in July about their plans for the next “I Believe” tour.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this special event “I Believe Tour” with @captainsandrayawn aug 17th in Chicago,” she wrote.

4. Leah Shafer Performs The National Anthem for The Denver Broncos As Their ‘Lucky Charm’

Leah Shafer became known as the Denver Broncos’ “lucky charm” after her national anthem performances before their games always ended in a Broncos win, according to KDVR. Reporters said Leah Shafer had “a perfect record” performing before the show.

She told KDVR she tries to keep “The Star Spangled Banner” simple and traditional, not trying to “show off.” She was asked back to perform repeatedly after becoming the Broncos’ “lucky singer.” She was also asked to perform for the AFC Championships. She had a 4-0 record on wins when she performed.

She moved to Denver from southern California and became a fan of the Denver Broncos.

5. Captain Sandy’s Girlfriend Was ‘Shamed’ After They Went Public About Relationship, She Said

Captain Sandy Yawn said on Twitter her girlfriend, Denver-based gospel singer Leah Shafer, has been “shamed” after the couple made their relationship public.

“after the @cheatsheet article about my relationship @leahshafer1 she has been shamed, she is no longer welcome in some churches,” she wrote on Twitter.

Leah Shafer told Cheat Sheet she knows that same-sex relationships are often viewed negatively in the church, but she doesn’t think God cares about who a person loves.

“It’s looked against it, loving the same sex,” Shafer said. “I think you can’t help who you fall in love with. God is love. He doesn’t care.”

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