Cats Movie Trailer: Best Memes & Reactions

Cats Movie Trailer Memes


The first trailer for the “Cats” movie, based on the 1981 musical written and composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber which was based on Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot. The musical/movie centers around a tribe of cats who call themselves the “jellicles” and the story about the night they make the “jellicle choice” which involves the group choosing which one of them will ascend to Heavenside Layer and come back to a new jellicle life.

The movie is packed with stars that include Jennifer Hudson and features Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson, James Corden, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo, Ian McKellan, and Judi Dench. However, it wasn’t the cast that caught the internet’s attention, it was the horrifying CGI that transformed the beloved stars into creepy cat hybrids. Instead of resembling the kitschy costumes of the broadway show, the actors are transformed into Cronenberg-esque cat/human hybrids and the internet is collectively freaked out.

The memes and reactions that ensued were on par with the first Sonic The Hedgehog trailer that was released earlier this year. Fans and casual observers relentlessly mocked the CGI for not resembling the video game character at all and also being deeply unsettling.

The trailer also features some giant beds, dishes, and other set pieces that only highlight just how strange the movie looks visually. The movie has a mountain of talen behind it including director Tom Hopper (The King’s Speech, Les Miserables), three-time Tony-winning choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler (Hamilton), Cinematographer Christopher Ross (Room, Terminal), and Costume Designer Marius De Vries (Moulin Rouge), so the movie may turn out to look and work much better than it does in the initial trailer.

That didn’t stop the internet from meme-ing the bejesus out of trailer into oblivion and producing some of the funniest content Twitter has seen recently.

Here are the best of the best memes and reactions:

Comparing Other Movies and TV Shows

One of the best concepts to come out of the trailer is users finding other TV shows or movies and attributing to the new movie with the caption “Cats (2019)”. Including The Wizard of Oz:

The Cat in The Hat:

And probably the best one, “The Nightman Cometh”, a musical from FX TV show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”:

People also took older memes, like the photoshopped “coughing cat” and “Nicholas Cage as a cat”, and attributed them to the new movie:

Lastly, somebody repurposed a video of the Commander In Chief hissing during a meeting:

Everybody seems to be getting in on the fun with personal cat photos as well. Saying that they are part of the cast and crew.

Sonic The Hedgehog Comparisons

As I mentioned above, many users are comparing the visuals and the backlash to the now-delayed Sonic The Hedgehog movie.

The backlash for the Sonic movie was much louder and had several more memes due to the video game community already being immersed in meme culture. Still, the quality of the best memes here rivals anything the Sonic fan community created.

Genius Dubs of The Trailer

One very clever, and fast, user was able to take the audio from Michael Rappaport’s viral cat video and dub it over the new trailer. The result not only describes the user’s feelings towards the trailer but it also fits perfectly.

Comedian Ian Abramson mashed up the Cats trailer with the remix of “I Got Five On It” from Jordan Peele’s Us. The result works surprisingly well and is very, very funny.

James Corden Looks Like ‘The Penguin’

As several users pointed out, James Corden’s “Bustopher Jones” has a striking resemblance to Danny Devito’s “Penguin” character from 1992’s Batman Returns. Not only in body shape but also with his costume choices.

It doesn’t help that his character is wearing a tuxedo, one of the defining features of the penguin.

People Use the Trend to Criticize Twitter

Author Ed Zitron used the meme party to criticize Twitter after he noticed that they banned an account pretending to be the Cats movie but “won’t ban the nazis”. Several other users pointed out this fact as well.

Most of the time on Twitter, when any popular account gets banned for violating the terms of service, users are quick to point out other offenders that are still allowed on the platform. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has commented on this in the past, when speaking to Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he said Twitter’s “Terms of Service in our industry are a mess, nobody reads them. We expect people to read these rules of the road.” and admitted that “We [Twitter] are putting copyright protection above harassment.”

One More For The Road

Lastly, as seen above, user @LilBratAn imagined sitting next to a “furry” during the movie and what his reaction would be if and when they start purring.

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