Chantel Everett’s Brother & Sister are on ‘The Family Chantel’

Chantel Everett, The Family Chantel

TLC/Instagram Chantel Everett's brother River and sister Winter will feature on TLC's new spinoff series "The Family Chantel."

Chantel Everett, star of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé, will appear alongside her brother River and sister Winter on the TLC spinoff The Family ChantelThe spinoff will feature the ongoing feud between Chantel and her husband Pedro Jimeno’s families, which has been documented on 90 Day for several years.

Chantel’s siblings have featured on previous episodes of 90 Day, and have been involved in the drama between the two families since the very beginning. Although Winter has tried to keep her distance from the drama, River has been at the center of a few physical altercations in the past.

Physical Fight Breaks Out At Chantel's Family Dinner | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?What starts as a quiet family dinner ends in tears for Chantel after Chantel's family confronts Pedro's sister. Subscribe to TLC UK for more great clips: Like TLC UK on Facebook: Follow TLC UK on Twitter: Visit our website:

The families have gone head-to-head on several occasions, with the fights often documented on the show. The clip above shows Pedro and River throwing punches during a family dinner after River believed Pedro disrespected his family and confronted him about it. River cleared the air about the fight after the episode aired, and took to Instagram to clarify what happened.

“Pedro was doing this [points finger] and he told my parents to shut up. I said, ‘You can’t disrespect my parents like that,’” River said during an Instagram Live video. “He stood up, I stood up. People said it looked like I threw something — from where I stood up, I couldn’t even see Pedro. All I did was hit the lamp, cause I was getting frustrated and when I’m frustrated, I don’t wanna take it out on nobody else.”

Although he confronted Pedro in defense of his family, River also mentioned that he regrets losing his temper. “I’m actually mad,” River said of the fight. “I don’t regret it, but I’m mad at myself because nobody should get me out of my character.”

Winter will be dealing with her own family drama throughout the first season of The Family Chantel. The promo indicates that her boyfriend of five years hasn’t been honest with her about everything, and Chantel even tells Winter’s boyfriend and says that she feels like she “knows nothing about” him, while another clip shows a tearful Winter confronting him about something he’s been hiding from her.

Both of Chantel’s siblings have defended her against issues with Pedro and his family, and will likely have much bigger roles throughout the spinoff series. To read more about their families’ rocky relationship, click here.

Tonight’s episode of The Family Chantel promises plenty of drama right off the bat. The TLC description of the premiere episode, titled “All’s Fair in Love and War,” reads, “Chantel confronts Pedro after revealing what she learned from her trip to the Dominican Republic; the family’s pastor encourages the couple to seek family counseling while Pedro and his sister discuss a secret plan.”

Tune in tonight at 10/9c to catch the season premiere of The Family Chantel on TLC.

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