Coraima Morla on 90 Day Fiancé: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Coraima Morla, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Coraima Morla, Nicole Jimeno's close friend on TLC's "90 Day Fiancé," was at the center of Pedro Jimeno's cheating scandals earlier this year.

Coraima Morla, a friend of Pedro Jimeno’s sister Nicole on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancéhas been at the center of Pedro’s cheating scandals since a video first surfaced of the Dominican native dancing on Pedro’s lap.

Not only was Coraima’s lap dance the cause of some massive issues between Pedro and his wife Chantel Everett, she has also voiced her belief that Pedro should leave his wife and move back to the Dominican Republic. She also used to have a crush on Pedro before he met Chantel, according to Pedro.

Tonight’s season finale of The Family Chantel promises some more drama between Coraima and Chantel, who tells Coraima to “go to the corner over there to make your money,” and throws a drink at her. You can check out part of the clip below.

Here’s what you need to know about Coraima Morla:

1. Coraima Gave Pedro a Lap Dance During a Wild Night Out in the Dominican Republic

When Chantel and Pedro hit a rough patch during an earlier episode of the show, Pedro booked a one-way flight back to the Dominican Republic without Chantel. He stayed with his family and apparently his sister Nicole announced that he was “single” for the night, and took him out partying with a few of her female friends.

While the group was out drinking at a club, Coraima, a close friend of his sister Nicole, started dancing “intimately” with Pedro before giving him a lap dance. Pedro did admit to the cameras that he “messed up” by dancing with her, but that he “had a good time,” with Coraima and his sister.

2. Nicole Showed Chantel the Video of Pedro Dancing With Coraima, Causing Chantel to Accuse Him of Cheating

In a June episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Nicole showed Chantel the video of Coraima and Pedro dancing with Coraima after she and Chantel get into an argument.

Nicole boasted that she was proud of her actions and even declared that her sister-in-law deserved the heartbreak. “Chantel was saying that everything that happened to me in Atlanta I deserved, and she should really check herself,” Nicole told the cameras. “So, I showed Chantel how good of a time we had the other day at the bar.”

3. Pedro’s Sister Nicole Recently Shared a Picture of Coraima on Social Media & Captioned it ‘My Sister’

Coraima Morla, 90 Day Fiance

InstagramCoraima Morla, Nicole Jimeno’s close friend on TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé,” was at the center of Pedro Jimeno’s cheating scandals earlier this year.

Nicole recently took to social media to share a picture of herself and Coraima while taking a sly jab at her sister-in-law. The picture, captioned “my sister,” shows the two dressed up and ready to hit the town.

The “my sister” comment appeared to be a further dig at Chantel, who Nicole believes should divorce Pedro. Just days before Nicole posted the picture (of the woman she likely wishes was her sister-in-law), Chantel had called Nicole out on her Instagram stories, writing “I don’t hate you because your [sic] my sister-in-law. I hate you because when you open your mouth, you sound like a f–king idiot!”

4. Coraima Doesn’t Think Pedro Should Stay With Chantel

Pedro and Chantel |90 day Fiance Season 4#familythechantel #pedroandchantel #90dayfiancehappilyeverafter2019-07-02T14:11:09.000Z

Coraima has not been shy about her thoughts on Pedro’s relationship with Chantel. In an earlier clip of the show (which is unavailable at this time), when Pedro tells his friends that Chantel booked a flight to the Dominican Republic despite his protests, she tells him that if she really loved and respected him, Chantel wouldn’t have booked a flight against her husband’s wishes. “As a woman, if I love a man — if I love my husband — I wouldn’t do that.”

“I think their relationship has had a lot of problems in a short amount of time,” she later tells the cameras during a confessional. “It won’t last and that’s what’s best for him. That’s what I think.”

She also mentions that “a woman that doesn’t care about your well-being, or the well-being of your family, doesn’t love you. As a friend, I’m advising you. Leave that.”

5. Coraima Told The Cameras That She & Pedro ‘Have a Connection’

The night that Coraima gave Pedro a lap dance, she told the cameras that she and Pedro “have a connection” and that Pedro hasn’t been happy with his wife for a long time.

“I think, between Pedro and I, there was a connection. It’s something that he hasn’t felt in a while because of problems he’s had with his wife. I think he should find a woman like him. Dominican, that understands him and accepts him how he is.”

Tune in Sundays at 8/7c to catch Pedro and Chantel on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, and their spinoff, titled The Family Chantel, Mondays at 10/9c.

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